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All was fine and the drums are fab!

Kath Borer
Little Star

Many thanks for the order which arrived promptly and safely. We are delighted with the items, especially the djembes.

Steve Anthony

I will be in touch in the future to get more equipment as we have been really impressed with the service we get from Drums for Schools.

Jade Herriott
Woodrow High House

I can confirm that the goods arrived safely and are being used daily. Thank you for an efficient service.

Sarah O'Farrell
Christ Church Pre-School

All the instruments arrived in perfect condition and I haven’t had any problems so far. I’m definitely planning to order again in the future.

Catriona Brown

Many thanks for beautiful instruments! They are very, very nice.

Zane Kriumane

I love the instruments, the fact they’re real ones but designed for kids and that they’re fair trade. My kids are toddlers and love them.

Priya Dedic Shah

Thank you – we are more than happy with our service from Drums for Schools – much appreciated.

Portsmouth Music Hub

All fine and dandy thank you!

Hazel Collins
Whipton Barton Junior

All was great, thank you. We were particularly happy with the painted frog scrapers so thank you for agreeing to hold the rest for us.

Debbie Nickerson
Play to Z Ltd

Everything arrived quickly and I was very pleased with your service and will definitely recommend your company! Thank you!

Gerri Ryan

Thank you so much, all arrived fine. These instruments open the imagination and show the potential for all kinds of sound making in both a fun and thoughtful way.

Anne Bean

They arrived super quick in time for the Early Years Conference!Thank you for such quality instruments and amazing service!

Pippa Pixley

The drums have been well received and well played –
the children love them!

Rebecca Brown
Educational Psychology Service

Everything was fine with the order.

St Edmund's Nursery School & Children's Centre

It’s all fine.

Jackie Maguire
Colourstrings Music with Jackie

Thank you, we have received the drums and they are working well and are sufficient for our needs.

Jade Herriott
Woodrow High House London Youth’s

My shakers arrived this morning! They are so lovely!

Gabi Maddocks
Movers and Shakers

All items arrived quickly and safely. Fab service will definitely recommend you!

Claire Keegan

Great quality products with the most beautiful and funny sounds. Interesting, fun, surprising and pleasant.. The children will be amazed! I love the short films playing them that you have on the website. Very helpful.

Lorena Zurbano

We did receive our drums, thank you, and the children are enjoying them. We will be placing another order for some larger drums in the next week or two.

Amanda Anakie
Little Elms Beckenham
The drum was very well received by my grandson for his 8th birthday. The fact that I’d got him the bag as well helped him understand that a musical instrument needs to be looked after and treasured as well as enthusiastically used!
The ordering process worked very well. You gave me advice on the chat as well as email so I felt confident that it was the right drum for his age. You kindly told me to wait until you’d added the bag to the website the next day and checked I’d noted when the warehouse would be closed in August. All very efficient and the order duly arrived, suitably packaged. I’d ordered in plenty of time for his birthday this month.
Mary Nixon

Thanks for the quick and easy checkout and delivery of the drums. Look forward to ordering more next year.

Sarah Martin
Yellow Dot Nursery

I am very pleased with my order – all the instruments are great fun to use…and experiment with.

Clare Cowan

Once again, I’m very pleased with my order and it was delivered quickly as usual. The drums are very good value for money and are better than expected.

Music Train - Stevenage

They are wonderful! From mini chimes to shaman drum, Thank you.
My work as a therapist is incomplete without them!

Harley Loudon NR MA MT
Being in Rhythm

I am very pleased with your service.

Marion Nieuwenhuizen

Everything arrived in time for Christmas and was much appreciated.Thank you for your service.

Karen Riding

I was delighted with the drums especially the Shaman drum.

Helen Bradshaw

We received them yesterday and I have already used them with a special needs group, and they loved them!

Jade Herriott
Woodrow High House

What excellent service you give-very refreshing to have the personal touch!!

Jane Carr

I received my order very quickly and I was really pleased with everything. The children love all the different musical instruments, thank you!!

Kerry Parkin

Very pleased with your instruments and the speed of delivery. They’ve proved popular with my learning disabled groups, particularly the Shaman Drum and
the Gamelans. Will definitely order more when funds permit.

Jean Honour

My giant basket of wonderful instruments arrived yesterday and I am really pleased and the children love them.

Laura Fradsham

The mini drums are excellent and I love the sound of the natural agogo. More mini drums of different materials please – they are perfect for all ages and I can get a lot in one box, so they are easier for me to carry around!!

Sarah Spurr

We are delighted with the speed you delivered them and the quality of the drums – Music Teacher is now happy!!!

Downton CofE VA Primary School

Everything is brilliant, drums arrived promptly and safely and are fantastic. Everyone at our first night of the drumming circle fell in love with them and have just placed an order for two more for members who want their own drum

Chris Hurst
Celtic Earth Spirit

The drums are lovely. Thanks again,

Rita Daly
Rocking Robins

Everything arrived and very quickly thank you.
The children love the new instruments.

Suzanne Spencer

Everything arrived safely and very quickly.

Orly Zalel
Baby Music

The drums are wonderful, thank you. I have been using them in four KS2 whole-class groups, & the children are really enjoying playing them.

Charlotte Stubbs

“The items I ordered arrived with no problems.  Both are fine.  Thanks for a good service!”

Jonathan Balam

The drums arrived amazingly quickly and we are very pleased with them and the basket of instruments. An excellent service.

Jane Richard
The djembe has been a great success, building on a moment of interest. I do worry about uptake of instrumental tuition as fewer opportunities for live demonstrations in schools to spark an interest and perhaps fewer adults around with skills and readiness to notice and build on an interest to learn to play.
As children return to schools music and the arts are even more vital for their well-being. I think it was the wonderful Evelyn Glennie who said that music isn’t a luxury it’s a necessity.
Mary Nixon

The order arrived very promptly and is wonderful.

Vicci Johnson
European Wellcare Homes Ltd.

It’s a firm favourite activity with our SEN groups, using a combination of djembe drums and other percussion instruments. The natural ones are definitely best and a drumming session is always an engaging and fun one.

Jade Herriott
Woodrow High House

Everything with our order was fine.

BAST - The British Academy of Sound Therapy

The goods arrived safely and it is great to have instruments made with natural materials and with the authentic look and feel.

Ruth Filsak

We are delighted with the order and making arrangements to ship to Zambia this week. Thanks again the quality is great and I can only imagine the excitement when the children get instruments in the three schools we support in Zambia.

Dave C Johnson (Carbon) (GB - MABS)
Meggitt PLC

Very pleased with your instruments and the speed of delivery. They’ve proved popular with my learning disabled groups, particularly the Shaman Drum and the Gamelans. Will definitely order more when funds permit.

Jean Honour

We’ve recently discovered ‘Drums for Schools’ – and we are instantly impressed
by their customer service, product knowledge and the range and quality of their instruments. This is a real breakthrough for schools looking to explore multi-cultural music-making for small and large groups in an affordable way. We highly recommend ‘Drums for Schools’.

Brendon Renwick
Music for Schools Ltd

All arrived safely and excellent customer service as always. Thank you

Vivienne Ware
Child Song

The products I ordered were lovely.

Kerry Dewhurst
Lancashire County Council

All arrived safe and sound as expected, thanks.

Martyn Verge

Extremely pleased. Thank you so much.

Andrea Lee, MA Education, EY
Music Train

The instruments were as usual beautiful and a pleasure to receive. Top, personal service from the ever helpful Hilary.

Alex Clark

Thank you for our order which was received promptly and in excellent condition.

Veronica Launn
Julia's House Children's Hospice

All delivered very swiftly and went down well.thanks again.

Thomas Chalmers
The Buddy Beat

The order arrived safely and all well. Many thanks for your service, hope to add to my stock soon.


Thank you for a fantastic service!

Julie Digby

It was delivered very quickly and in perfect condition! thank you so much our children love it! and we will be ordering from you again.

Sophie Newton
Islington Council

The items were good the creaking sound represent the nerves in the body I’m seeing a few cancer patients so will give a few away.

Leith James

Everything was delivered fine and extremely quickly. The early years children love the instruments, we have our own Forest School band and they work nicely with our forest xylophone and other homemade wooden instruments we have hanging in our trees.
Thank you very much, fantastic products at great prices.

Helena Broadbent
Forest Explorers

I thought I’d let you know that the music party was
very successful. Children loved coco drums especially! Thank you again for your support and help.

Yukie Smith

Love your instruments.

Vicky Hook

Very happy with the order, and have since ordered more Djembe drums as they were perfect for our early years classes.

Gabi Maddocks
Movers and Shakers

The children are thoroughly enjoying all the instruments and the bamboo basket is sturdy too. We are delighted with them!

Alice Dyar
Rye St Antony

We were very pleased with our order.

Debbie Nickerson
Play to Z Ltd

The order was absolutely fine. I think you provide a wonderful service and we now have a much more creative and inventive set of music resources.

Sarah Robbins
The Springfield Project

Everything was wonderful and arrived in plenty of time! Will hopefully be able to place another order before long.

Steve & Ruth Anthony

The instruments are wonderful! Children like them very much!

Zane Kriumane

I have been delighted with everything from Sound Children. Many thanks to Andy for his patience with me.

Megan Morris

Everything arrived safely and the instruments are wonderful, thank you very much.

Linda Rae

All arrived safely and up to my expectations.
Thank you!

Katia Bojo

They’re great thank you, being used and enjoyed by many little hands!

Verina Cutler
Sunny Days

The order arrived on the day I asked for and everything was fine. I am particularly pleased with the small djembe drums.

Frances Maddex
Music Train

Your service is great and I really love you instruments and usually the sound is great.

Deborah Rosenlum
Baby Music

The djembes and the shakers arrived safely and have already been enjoyed by our pupils.
Thankyou very much.

Florence Vastel
Grimes Dyke Primary School

Quick service, with help when needed.

Abbots Farm Infant School

I am very happy with the instruments.
When budget allows, I will look to add to my collection!

Tristessa Åberg
International School of the Stockholm Region

All items are in good condition

Bang Bang, Kazakhstan.

I have used some of the items at my drumming circles for children and adults for a sound session. They have been absolutely perfect. The rain sticks and ball shakers are superb value.

Pauline Lympany
HT Drumming

Everything was great!

Deborah Rosenlum
Baby Music

The drums arrived on the date requested in perfect condition. The music co-ordinator is very pleased with them. We believe they represent excellent value for money.

Colin Gibbons
Ashton House

I just wanted to let you know that all instruments have just arrived in perfect condition. I love the birds and .. Everything!

Lorena Zurbano

The drum arrived safely and my daughter loves it

David Baldock

The products reached us quickly and were packaged very well. No problems at all, an excellent service and products. Thanks

Jo Palmer

The products delivered have exceeded our expectations in their quality and are being put to very good use!

Linda Powell
James Peacock School

Everything was in order and delivered quickly and efficiently.

Michelle Woolfenden
Hackney Learning Trust

We were really pleased with the instruments and will definately use you again. Have also recommended you to other providers at an area network meeting recently!

Alison Thwaites,
Toad Hall Nursery

I think the tone and vibration from the round hairy one is wonderful, the depth is fantastic for its size. It would be interesting to see what sort of tone could be achieved making one from a solid piece of wood rather than a ply (if that is possible).

Chris Hurst
Celtic Earth Spirit

Yes, everything was good!

Veronica Garcia Lucchetti

Many thanks, yes all received and very good quality products!

Sarah Findon
The Music Train

Service was great, arrived promptly.
Thanks very much.

William Benzies

Everything perfect as usual.

Vivienne Ware

The products I ordered were lovely

Kerry Dewhurst

The order came in very quickly, which was fabulous for me and I am very impressed with the quality of the instruments. They are working well.

Jane Butler

Our order just arrived and I’m so happy with everything! I’m going to order all my instruments from your company from now on as the price, service and delivery are all better than the other companies I’ve tried.

Gabi Maddocks
the Playing Space

Everything is ok. Thank you. I’ll place a new order soon.

Deborah Rosenlum
Baby Music

Congratulations — your stuff is brilliant!

Ann Cashman

We were really pleased with the instruments and will definitely use you again. Have also recommended you to other providers at an area network meeting recently!

Alison Thwaites
Toadhal Nursery

We were delighted with our order – both the speed of the delivery, the quality of the goods and the price. We have added you to our ‘favourites’ list and may well be back in the future for further purchases.
Many thanks again for such excellent service

Shona Watters
Mulberry Bush Montessori

All was fine with the orders we recently placed with you.

BAST - The British Academy of Sound Therapy

All instruments are with me in Belgrade :). I will consider the possibility to promote them here in Serbia.

Nana Majstorovic
  • Overall Winner "All Other Resources" 2016 Primary Teacher Awards GOLD
  • 2016 Practical Pre-School Awards GOLD
  • Nursery World Awards Winner 2010
  • SEADOM Southeast Asia Directors of Music
  • Sound Sense The voice of community music
  • SAME Scottish Association for Music Education
  • Music Mark Influencing Supporting & Connecting
  • MMA Music Teaching Professionals
  • ISM Corporate Member
  • ISME International Society for Music Education
  • BESA British Educational Suppliers Association