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  • Rio Carnival Classroom Activity

    How to create your own Rio Carnival Samba Music in the Classroom. Here's a practical Samba Classroom Activity for which you don't need any prior music experience or any proper Samba instruments. ...
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  • The Cultural History of Brazilian Samba Music

    The Slave trade, religion and the inter-mixing of African, native South American and Portuguese cultures are all key to the cultural history of samba music, and help to explain its evolution right up ...
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  • Fail Again, Fail Better - The National Plan for Music Education 2.0

    The new National Plan for Music Education micromanages teachers, schools and Hubs, telling them to carry on doing the same as before, only better. "Try again. Fail again. Fail better." Instead ...
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  • Drums for Schools – World Percussion Set

    As well as hitting curriculum objectives, this percussion pack will help pupils enjoy the real sense of achievement that comes from making music as a group. In fact, I can see it delivering genuine ...
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  • The role of Music in Rio Carnival

    In February, Carnival takes place in towns and cities all over Brazil. The Rio carnival, also known as ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’, is the biggest of these and is perhaps the world’s most ...
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  • Children's Mental Health and Wellbeing 

    This week is Children’s Mental Health week in the UK. This year the theme of the week is Growing Together. The aim is to encourage children (and adults) to grow together, and to be a part of the ...
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  • Powerful drum classes send students’ self-esteem skyrocketing

    When we talk about boosting kids’ self-esteem, you’ll be familiar with ideas such as practicing gratitude, keeping a journal, or going for a walk. But if you think back to when you were young, ...
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  • Revolutionising kids’ education to boost mental health from early age

    Helping young minds blossom Now this is the kind of revamp to kids’ education we have all been crying out for. While focusing on how to teach teens about mental ...
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  • Black History Month Workshops

    October is Black History Month and a great opportunity to develop children's awareness in so many dimensions: cultural, historical, socio-economic . . . An African Drumming or African ...
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  • Improving Children’s Wellbeing through Music

    If the last 18 months has taught us anything, it is that human beings are resilient creatures. We have all been forced to adapt to so much change, deal with grief and loss, and endure many months of ...
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