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At Drums for Schools our overriding aim is to make music-making accessible to everyone, and our teaching support is designed for teachers who don’t have a music speciality, as well as those who do.

Our Teaching Guides, Schemes of Work and Lesson Plans are written by experts for non-experts and they don’t assume any prior experience or training – not even the ability to read music. The same goes for our CPD training, which will give you a thorough, practice-based grounding in the chosen musical tradition, complementing the approach followed in the Teaching Guides.

Our range of support for World Music teaching is subdivided by the main music style, so that you can easily browse all relevant materials for African Drumming, Brazilian Samba, Caribbean Steel Pans, Indonesian Gamelan, Japanese Taiko and World Percussion.

And best of all, the majority of our teaching resources are completely free to access and download.