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Community Music

Drums for Schools Class Sets and Music Kits include everything that's needed for music-making at home and in the community!

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Our kits are made of top quality instruments plus comprehensive teaching resources - and the uniquely intuitive and collaborative approach means that no music training is needed - you don't even need to be able to read music!

Check out our sets and instruments below – you’ll find a solution for every setting and budget, whether in the home or at large in the community.

Group music-making develops participants’ social and emotional skills and playing regularly in a group fosters listening, empathy and team-working, and it boosts mental health and general wellbeing.

Any enthusiastic player will be able to lead their group in fun and fulfilling group music-making sessions, reaching performance level in just 8 to 10 sessions.

  • The styles and instruments are easy to learn, inclusive and fun.
  • The instruments are natural and tactile, making them particularly effective in SEN settings.
  • The teaching support is designed for non-specialists and includes “how to” videos, warm-ups, cultural background and lesson plans.
  • The approach has been tried and tested in support groups, homes, hospitals and other community settings all over the world.

And everyone benefits, whatever their age or ability: it’s a health tonic and stress reliever, and especially valuable in these difficult times.

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