World Percussion – 30 Player Class Pack – Video

Andy Gleadhill takes a detailed look at the World Percussion – 30 Player Class Pack. Perfect for First Access projects with limited budgets, the World Percussion – 30 Player Class Pack contains a set of carefully selected instruments and two brilliant teaching guides: Andy Gleadhill’s Class Percussion Book and his new Percussion Buddies book. Each book contains teacher’s notes, preparation advice, warm-ups, lesson plans and has been written for teachers from any discipline, not just music specialists. The books take teacher and pupils step by step from basics through all the elements of music, group playing and improvisation all the way through to their first performance.

For full details of the pack:

This great value resource enables a class to experience music making using accessible percussion instruments with a wide range of musical sounds from around the world and covering all the elements of music. The Percussion Buddies book also shows you how to incorporate percussion into ANY musical ensemble or class instrumental lesson and ensure that everyone stays engaged and that there’s no switching off and “waiting for turns”.