Kagemusha Junior Taiko and Brass – Video

Kagemusha Junior Taiko perform with Smithills School Brass Band, Royal Albert Hall, London, 10th November 2010. The event is the Music for Youth Schools Prom, the final round of a music festival that began with regional competitions from which the best young orchestral, jazz, choral and folk musicians were selected to perform in the National Festival of Music for Youth, in Birmingham, in June. From the National Festival, a select few were chosen to perform at the Royal Albert Hall. Kagemusha Junior Taiko did not meet the brass players until the day of the concert, 10th November. The two groups had one brief stage rehearsal during the day. In the evening, they performed to a packed house of over 5,000 people. Credit to all of them!! “Stepping Stones” was composed by former KJT member, Oliver Kirby. The brass music was composed by Chris Wormald, the music teacher from Smithills School.