Gong Set – 32in (80cm) diameter Gong with Stand and Beater – Video

This is a gigantic Gong with a big, mellow ringing tone. It’s also known as Ageng and it is a vital part of the gamelan orchestra, where its characteristic sound is used to punctuate the main sections in the music. Gamelans are believed to have a spirit which resides in the large Gong Ageng and the Gamelan is protected by the two serpents which are traditionally carved into the gong frame. Our Premium Gongs are made in Bali from steel and have brass centres for extra resonance. The stands are easily assembled and are made from local softwoods, which are then carved and beautifully decorated. This 32 inch (80cm) Gong is supplied with stand and beater.

Full details of the set: https://www.drumsforschools.com/product/gong-set-32in-80cm-diameter-gong-with-stand-and-beater/