Colossal Sendratari “Nawa Ratna Giri Panida” – Bali Art Festival – 24 June 2011 – Video

This video is taken during a Colossal Sendratari (Drama+Dance) Performance entitled “Nawa Ratna Giri Panida”. The sendratari tells a story of a prince named Dalem Tarukan. When his country is being attacked by his enemy, his mother (which is expecting Dalem Tarukanat that time) is forced to flee and find protection in the village. Years passed by. In the village, Dalem Tarukan is protected by many people and even learn how to be a farmer. He is very sad. He feels that he is alone with no relatives because he has lost his mother who has passed away after giving birth to him. However, he becomes very happy when he meets his uncle in the village. Not long after that, his stepbrothers and stepmothers (his father’s wives) come to look for him. Dalem Tarukan is sad because all his stepbrothers still have their mothers. Suddenly, the King, his father, comes. He consoles Dalem Tarukan and says that he is not alone. He still has his father, brothers, and mothers.The King is very ill. Before he dies, he reminds his children to become good rulers of the country, to be honest and just persons.