Clapsticks (Claves) – 23cm – Video

Instruments don’t come much simpler (or more durable) than this pair of natural clap sticks. There is no limit to the rhythms you can make and the sound is clear and loud enough to be heard above drumming groups. Clap sticks come in two sizes and this is the bigger version at 23cm (about 9 inches) long and suitable for players from around 6 years and older. The clapsticks are finished with natural linseed oil.

Product details:
Early Years version:

To play, simply hold the painted ends of each stick lightly in each hand and knock the unpainted ends together. If you hold them too tightly you’ll find that most of the sound gets absorbed by your hands. The clapstick professionals hold one clapstick cupped in the palm of one hand (but raised from the palm by the fingertips) and use the other stick to hit it. This way minimises the vibration/sound loss and maximises the amplification and is well worth trying to master.