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Indonesian Gamelan – Premium – 30 Player Class Set – Budget Buddies

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Age 4 - 18+

  • Instruments 30
  • Players 30
  • Buddies 20
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Full Teaching Support Included
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  • This is a product image of the Indonesian Gamelan - Premium - 30 Player Class Pack - Budget Buddies. The products are laid out and include the following; Back Row - One Gong Set - 12in (30cm) diameter Gong with Stand and Beater, one Gong Set - 32in (80cm) diameter Gong with Stand and Beater, one Gong Set - 20in (50cm) diameter Gong with Stand and Beater. Second and Third Rows - Two Gamelan - Premium - Medium 7 key, two Gamelan - Premium - Large 7 key, two,     Gamelan - Premium - Small 7 key. Front Row - One Balinese Drum - 50cm, Andy Gleadhill's Indonesian Gamelan Book, Andy Gleadhill's Percussion Buddies, Storage Basket, twenty Ceng Ceng - 14cm, pair. Each instrument that requires a beater has one resting on top of them.

This ‘Indonesian Gamelan – Premium – 30 Player Class Pack – Budget Buddies’ is perfect for group and class instrumental teaching and learning for pupils from age 6 upwards.

This Premium pack has top quality sound and elaborate casings, making a significant visual, as well as aural, statement. It’s an excellent choice if the Gamelan will have a permanent home, or limited day to day relocation. It contains all the items you need to get your own Gamelan ensemble off of the ground – playing, performing and composing.

The pack includes 10 large instruments (3 Gongs, a Balinese drum, and 6 metallophones) as well as 20 pairs of Ceng Ceng (Balinese cymbals), used to keep time and mark accents. Overall this set provides a wide range of authentic Gamelan sounds, making it easy to split the group into pairs, each with a bigger and smaller instrument.

The three sizes of metallophone (each of which are decorated in traditional red, blue and gold with metal keys suspended from wires over individual sound chambers), give a range of 3 octaves and these and all our Gamelan instruments are made in Bali, Indonesia.

The metallophones in this Premium set use high quality steel for the keys and have elaborate jackfruit casings. They are tuned to the same Gamelan Gong Kebyar Pelog Selisir scale as the Budget and Standard models and are just as authentic. The Balinese drum is of solid jackfruit wood construction with two cow skin heads and tuning knots and the Gong has a bronze centre for improved resonance.

The instruments have been specially modified for use in the classroom. The sturdy metal Gong stands can be disassembled into sections if you need to move them around and the metallophone casings have smooth finishes and have rubber bases to protect the floor surface.

Special storage/carry bags are also available and will help to prolong the lives of the instruments, as well as making it safe and easy to move them around for outside events.

Also included are two teaching guides by World Music expert Andy Gleadhill; ‘Indonesian Gamelan’ and ‘Percussion Buddies’. The Indonesian Gamelan book will take you from the basics through to your first performance in just 10 lessons, and there’s plenty of repertoire for a year or more of playing with ten pieces, suggestions on teaching delivery and a blank resource to photocopy to assist with planning and composition work. The Percussion Buddies book will show you how to develop percussion accompaniments for almost any piece, whether Gamelan, drumming, choral, ukulele or any ensemble.

Product Information

What's included

The pack includes:

  • Andy Gleadhill’s Indonesian Gamelan Book x 1
  • Andy Gleadhill’s Percussion Buddies Book x 1
  • Balinese Drum – 50cm x 1
  • Basket – XL – 36cm, bamboo x 1
  • Ceng Ceng – 18cm, pair x 20
  • Gong Set – 12in (30cm) diameter Gong with Stand and Beater x 1
  • Gong Set – 20in (50cm) diameter Gong with Stand and Beater x 1
  • Gong Set – 32in (80cm) diameter Gong with Stand and Beater x 1
  • Gamelan (Peking) – Premium – Small 7 key x 2
  • Gamelan (Saron) – Premium – Medium 7 key x 2
  • Gamelan (Demung) – Premium – Large 7 key x 2
  • Sticks, beaters and gamel hammers as appropriate to each instrument

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Gamelan music teaches students disciplined group playing, good listening skills and introduces then to a new world of sounds and musical colours

Andy Gleadhill

With three gongs this pack allows players to fully experience the adventure of playing and enjoying authentic Indonesian Gamelan music, all at very low cost. Employing the Percussion Buddies approach all the players are actively involved in the music making.

Andy Gleadhill

From the very start even beginners with no previous musical experience can be part of making this wonderful Gamelan music.

Andy Gleadhill

Gamelan music is inclusive and a role for every ability can be found, from complex counter melodies to simple pulse work.

Richard McKerron

With two of each size metallophone in this set, students can support each other whilst playing the same pattern in pairs. A supportive mentoring system can be established between peers.

Richard McKerron
  • Overall Winner "All Other Resources" 2016 Primary Teacher Awards GOLD
  • 2016 Practical Pre-School Awards GOLD
  • Nursery World Awards Winner 2010
  • SEADOM Southeast Asia Directors of Music
  • Sound Sense The voice of community music
  • SAME Scottish Association for Music Education
  • Music Mark Influencing Supporting & Connecting
  • MMA Music Teaching Professionals
  • ISM Corporate Member
  • ISME International Society for Music Education
  • BESA British Educational Suppliers Association