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Tamborim Beater – 3 prong, Izzo

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Age 5+

  • L 5cm x W 36cm x H 2cm
  • Stock: 13
  • Plastic double rod
  • Produces a clear sound with a crisp attack
  • Ideal for using with tamborims and pandeiros

These triple pronged plastic samba sticks are particularly suited to the smaller tamborims and pandeiros but can be used for all other samba drums. Their shape and the light flexible material used to make them ensure a fast whipping action that produces a crisp attack and loud clear tone.

Product Information

What's included

The Tamborim is held with your off hand with the thumb either crossing the rim and resting on the drumhead, or gripping the frame. The other fingers are curled under the rim, with the index typically applying and releasing pressure on the underside of the head to achieve higher or lower notes.

The beater is held with the strong hand and the head is struck a little off centre. A playing technique called ‘virado’ is often used, in which the drum is flipped upside down in the middle of the pattern, which produces one note that is slightly delayed, giving the samba its characteristic lilt.

The instrument may also be struck on the rim but be careful not to hit too hard as rim shots can cause the whip/beater to fracture more quickly.


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