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Surdo – Nesting – Primary 3 Pack, Izzo

£238.00 exc VAT

Age 5+

  • Instruments 3
  • Players 3
  • Stock: 6
  • Made from lightweight aluminium - perfect for young players
  • Drums nest like a Russian doll making them easy to store and transport
  • Black Napa heads provide a warm tone that makes up for the lack of bottom skins
  • Authentic Brazilian instrument manufactured in famous Sao Paolo factory

The surdo is the biggest, deepest drum and plays the heartbeat of samba music. This set of three nesting surdos includes one blue 12″ drum, one green 14″ drum, and one yellow 16″ drum and is a good choice for Primary school use.

Unlike the other ranges from Izzo, these drums have a skin on one end only, meaning they can be stacked away inside one another to save space and ease transportation. This makes them particularly suitable for classrooms with limited space.

Removing one of the drum heads causes the tone to become brighter and more resonant and so to compensate for this, each Castle drum is fitted with black Napa rather than standard synthetic skins.

Rubber feet are also supplied to protect the drums (and the floor) when being played on the ground. Take a look at the links on the right hand side of this page for sticks and straps.

Manufacturers Izzo have been making top quality instruments in Brazil for more than 60 years.

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