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Seseh – Coconut Shaker

£6.00 exc VAT

Age 5+

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  • L 15cm x W 12cm x H 12cm
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This all-natural ‘Seseh – Coconut Shaker’ gives a good ‘Shekere’ sound at a sensible price. The shell is coconut (and is stronger than the traditional African gourd Shekeres) and the beads are small pieces of ‘Seseh’, a Balinese palm wood. Palm wood is really a fibre but it is very hard and is great for all sorts of musical instrument.

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Product Information

What's included

This can be played just like a Shekere. Either shake the instrument by the handle like a Maraca for an uncontrolled sound, or grab the netting with one hand and rotate the rest of the instrument inside with your other hand for a clear, concise, controlled sound; perfect for time keeping and pace setting.


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