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Pad Shaker – Small – 7cm x 12cm

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Age 3+

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These Pad Shakers are made by recycling the leftover edge skin from the Djembe drum making process, just like the ‘Squeezer Shaker’ instruments are.

They make a fantastic sound – and it can be printed with your logo or be personalised by the children using pencil, crayon, inks or felt-tips.

They are available in three sizes;

  • Pad Shaker – Small – 7cm x 12cm
  • Pad Shaker – Medium – 9cm x 15cm
  • Pad Shaker – Large – 12cm x 20cm

They also great for professional musicians as it slips into any pocket and can be carried anywhere.

N.B. For SEN settings: Please put a note with your order to indicate that it is needed for an SEN setting, so that we know to include the relevant materials.

Product Information

What's included

To play, hold gently between finger and thumb or hold very loosely in the palm of your hand and shake. You can also experiment with squeezing the shaker (so limiting the space for the beads to move) between thumb and fingers to see how the sound changes. You can make drawings on this pad shaker or write your own text. There are lots of creative possibilities.


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