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Jumbie Jam – Trinidad’s Musical Journey

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  • L 28cm x W 22cm x H 1cm
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  • Classroom activities and songs for Jumbie Jam Steel Drum
  • With optional parts for voice, recorder, piano, Orff instruments and hand percussion
  • Includes history of the instrument, steel drum care and playing techniques

Introduce the world of Steel Drums and Percussion Instruments to students while taking a Musical Journey to Trinidad & Tobago! Includes play-along CD. A classroom curriculum workbook that assists music educators with introducing the Jumbie Jam into their educational programes. This book provides guidance incorporating the Jumbie Jam Voice, Recorder, Orff instuments and auxiliary percussion such as Conga Drums, Triangle, Guiro, Cowbell, Claves, Maracas, Tambourine, Brake Drum, and T’ing. Trinidad’s Musical Journey includes classroom activities such as constructing instruments from everyday items found in the surrounding area i.e home, school cafeteria etc. This teacher’s guide also introduces the history of the Steel Drum as well as the Trinidadian Cluture in which the instrument was invented. The book also includes proper playing techniques and Steel Drum care.

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