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Jumbie Jam Steel Pan – Floor Standing – grey with Z stand

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Age 5 - 16

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  • Authentic high-quality steel drum for all ages (3+) and musical abilities
  • Supplied with adjustable, metal Z stand
  • Sounds as good as a professional instrument, at an affordable price
  • Pan diameter 40cm and skirt depth 6.5cm
  • Eight labelled notes cover a range of an octave from G4-G5
  • Supplied with mallets, free beginners guide download available

The Jumbie Jam is by far the best quality and most authentic sounding beginners’ steel pan on the market. It’s the perfect gift to encourage classes of young children to make music together and explore the sounds of the Caribbean. It has also become popular with older and more advanced musicians looking to add a tropical twist to their lives

This pan is supplied with the new adjustable metal Z stand instead of the plastic self-assembly stands that come with the other floor standing versions. The Z stand is easily height adjustable and  collapses down to allow for easy storage or transportation.

Each pan measures 40cm across and has a 6.5cm shallow skirt. When mounted on its stand, the whole assembly weighs just 2.38kgs making it very easy to handle. The pan itself is made from premium steel and built to Panyard’s exact specification to ensure perfect intonation and playing ease.

The surface features eight labelled notes spanning a major scale from G4-G5. The beginners’ guide includes 5 songs written in both simple letter grids and traditional notation and is available to download. There are several further books available, each including a CD of backing tracks for classroom playalong.

Often incorrectly referred to as steel drums, the whole instrument vibrates to make a pan’s characteristic Caribbean sound which means they are properly classified as ‘idiophones’, the same family as cymbals. Colours available: Blue, Grey (steel), Pink, Purple

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Product Information

What's included

One Steel pan – 40cm diameter with 6.5cm shallow skirt.

One-piece metal Z stand – fully adjustable for height and collapses down to allow for easy storage or transportation.

The beginners’ guide leaflet includes 3 songs written in letter grids, along with helpful information on steel pan care and playing techniques.

How to Play

You do not have to know how to read music to play the Jumbie Jam Steel Pan, as the notes on the drum and song books are marked by the note letter. Consequently any level player can enjoy immediate success even if they don’t know how to read music.

There are a number of song books available that include a Play-Along CD, allowing the player to play on their own, or jam with the band. The books also include multiple parts providing material to create a Jumbie Jam band or can be played with other instruments promoting family music making.

Advantages for pupils;

  • It’s a new, exciting instrument with ‘street cred’
  • Students can play a Jumbie Jam Steel Pan without any prior instrumental skills
  • It gives instant success and satisfaction
  • Pupils get to the music quickly as the notes are labelled with matching sheet music
  • Students will have total focus using their right and left brain
  • An ‘active’ pupil who may struggle in other areas will learn how to focus having the freedom to move while playing the Jumbie Jam Steel Pan

Special Needs notes;

    • Simple and durable design
    • No breathing control issues
    • No difficult and awkward fingerings to negotiate
    • Helps develop hand-eye coordination as well as motor skills
    • Easy to Play – giving an immediate feeling of success
    • Height adjustable stand built to table top mode for wheelchair accessibility
    • Inclusive as special needs pupils can play the Jumbie Jam Steel Pan with the other students

Care & maintenance

The pans

Treat your Jumbies carefully – knocks and dents can cause the notes to go out of tune. We recommend that you wipe them down with a very slightly damp cloth after use, and then pack them in a protective case, or back in the box they came in. We have specially made storage/carry bags for sets of 5 pans and also for individual ones.

Re-tuning Jumbies

But don’t despair if a pan does get a knock and loses its tuning – it is possible to re-tune them and here’s a link to a wonderful book that tells you all about steel pan making and shows you how to tune any pan.

Jennifer Campbell from Devon & Torbay Music Education Hubs put us on to the book and notes:

Fig. 9.7 I think is the most useful – so in a nutshell you hit the ends to change pitch and the sides for tone. Hitting the top makes the note smaller therefore sharper, from the bottom larger/flatter. We have a small hammer with a felt disk stuck on to protect the metal. You need to hit quite hard, small taps rather than a big swing. I don’t pretend to be an expert but it certainly extends the pan’s lifespan!

The book describes the following rules of thumb for the tuning of the fundamental, ref fig 9.7 above:

Hitting from above in the middle region lowers the pitch.
Hitting from underneath in the middle region raises the pitch.
Hitting from above near the side of the dent raises the pitch (because the dent gets smaller).
Hitting from underneath near the side lowers the pitch (the dent gets bigger).
Hitting on the groove from above stretches the metal, and thus raises the pitch. (Don’t hit on the groove from underneath – this might ruin the shape of the note.)

from the excellent Steel Pan Tuning Handbook
© Ulf Kronman, The Pan Page. Publisher: Musikmuseet, Stockholm, Sweden.

Can’t be re-tuned?

If you find your pan is so out of tune that it can’t be re-tuned, it is possible to send your pan back for a replacement (at a cost!) – get in touch with us and we’ll explain what to do.

The Jumbie Stands

The new one piece metal stands for desk top and and the adjustable metal “Z” floor-standing stands are great, if a bit pricey, and don’t tend to give any problems, but the older plastic stands are a bit of a pain and it’s a good idea to keep the assembled if you can. Even if you do, you may still find that bits fall off or go missing, and you may end up needing to buy spare parts. You can find all the spare parts here.


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Free Beginners Guide and Jam Tracks download available with this product.

Click on the link below to download:

JJ Beginners Guide Songbook and Audio