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Gamelan – Premium – 7 key – 3 Set

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These Premium 7 key Gamelan are the core of our group and class Gamelan packs. They are all made in Bali and are the same as those used every day by Balinese villagers. The Premium range instruments have keys made from quality steel, and jackfruit hardwood cases. The sound quality is excellent and these are a very good substitute for the bronze-keyed Gamelan which easily cost at least five times as much.

The ‘Gamelan – Premium – 7 key – 3 pack’ contains the following instruments;

    • Gamelan (Demung) – Premium – Small 7 key
    • Gamelan (Demung) – Premium – Medium 7 key
    • Gamelan (Demung) – Premium – Large 7 key

This product can also be found in the larger Premium whole class packs, but also makes for an excellent starting point if you are building up a Gamelan ensemble over time.

  • This is a product image of the Gamelan - Premium - 7 key - 3 Pack. The three instruments are red and blue with gold keys suspended from wire and each with a beater resting on the bars. The image is head on and from the rear to the front are the Gamelan - Premium - Large 7 key, Gamelan - Premium - Medium 7 key and Gamelan - Premium - Small 7 key.

Product Information

How to Play

To play the instruments, take the dedicated hammer-style beater (gamel) and firmly strike the key, letting the mallet bounce off swiftly. When you play a different note you should mute the previous one with your other hand so as to create a constant legato throughout the performance.


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