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Gamelan – Budget – 4 key – 3 Pack

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Age 3+

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This ‘Gamelan – Budget – 4 key – 3 Pack’ is great for young players as the tuning is traditional Balinese and there are no ‘wrong’ notes. The Budget 4 key range provides a really low cost entry to the magical sound of Gamelan. The metal keys are made from recycled steel and are both strong and relatively light.

This pack contains the following three instruments;

  • Gamelan – Budget – Small 4 key
  • Gamelan – Budget – Medium 4 key
  • Gamelan – Budget – Large 4 key

These three units can also be found in our ‘Big Stuff Kit – 14 Instruments’ collection.

Product Information

How to Play

Position the Gamelan in a curved line facing into the middle of a room with the children sat behind them facing in your direction. It is normal to place the Gamelan with the lower (bigger) notes on the left. Use one or both of the interestingly-shaped mallets to strike the notes. Encourage people to use the ‘blunt’ end as the other end is really just a traditional ornamental shape and it not great for hitting the notes. However, younger children will want to try out both ends and experiment to find out why a lesser sound is generated.

Traditionally, most Gamelan are played with just one mallet as the other hand is used to ‘damp’ (stop from ringing out) the notes you’ve just played. It is a challenge for younger children to manage this, although they do enjoy trying. Encouraging the use of both mallets is a good idea, as it improves general musical co-ordination and is also more interesting and fun for the children.

The notes should ideally be struck in the very middle to get the best sound. You can strike the notes one at a time between the two mallets to enable fast playing, or strike two notes together and let them ring out in harmony. It is generally best to see what children come up with when experimenting with ways of playing and then showing them other ways yourself, as open discovery and investigation is very important.


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