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Egg Shakers Natural – Bag of 5

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Age 3 - 18+

  • Instruments 5
  • Players 5
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This little bag of 5 natural mahogany egg shakers comes with an Eggtivity Guide, packed with music-making ideas, all designed to get you, friends and family making music together.

The egg shaker feels very satisfying in the hand. The softness of the sound is aurally fulfilling and almost hypnotic. It has smooth curves, subtly-shifting little weights inside, and it sits in the palmof the hand, stimulating and calming at the same time. It engages the tactile sense and segues perfectly into kinaesthetic engagement [movement]. It just feels right . . . and it’s almost impossible to resist shaking an egg shaker – just try!

This simple, little wooden sound-maker (they come in bigger and smaller sizes too) is one of very few instruments that is played in almost every musical style and in every country in the world.



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Product Information

What's included

5 x Egg Shaker – Medium, 7cm, natural

1 x Eggtivity Guide

1 x Playing Along Card

1 x Easy Activities to Get Started Card

How to Play

Nothing could be easier than playing an egg shaker! Hold in one or both hands and shake!