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Egg Shaker – Medium – 7cm, Early Years

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Age 3+

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  • L 7cm x W 5cm x H 5cm
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The ‘Egg Shaker – Medium – 7cm, Early Years’ is an Egg Shaker with a natural wood finish as well as a wood burnt design added on. The images on the Egg Shakers were designed by some Balinese school children.

These Egg Shakers are great for everyone and are suitable for young children aged three and upwards. The sound is soft and soothing and can be combined with a variety of instruments for rhythmic accompaniment.

N.B. For SEN settings: Please put a note with your order to indicate that it is needed for an SEN setting, so that we know to include the relevant materials.

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Just shake it. Try one in each hand for a challenge. If you shake it from end to end, it will make a different sound from if you shake it from side to side. If you want to get it really in time hold the Egg Shaker loosely in your fist and use the natural movement of your elbow joint to get a more regular shake happening. This will produce a more in time shake than with your wrist movement.

In fact, Egg Shakers can be played in a number of ways: for the loudest sound hold lightly in the fingertips and shake; for a more subdued sound, hold firmly in the palm of the hand. You can also knock two Egg Shakers together to produce a percussive effect. Hold an Egg Shaker with its narrow end in the palm of each hand and knock the wider ends together, cupping the hands together as you do so. The more you cup your hands, the lower the knocking sound produced.

You may find it possible to develop a more controlled shake if you focus on recoiling the Egg Shaker at the apex of the shake so that you are in control of when the beads inside hit the inner shell. This means pulling your shake a few milliseconds early, but is definitely a technique worth mastering and can be applied to other shaken instruments also.


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