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Dundun Bells – set of three, recycled

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A set of three differently tuned metal bells, specially made for dundun sets but can be used with other strung drums too. These are made from recycled galvanised tubes and are kept in place by running the drum verticals over the supporting horizontal bell rods.

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There are two primary playing styles for Dunduns. The traditional ‘rural’ style has each player using a single drum resting on its side, either on the floor, on a stand, or on a strap carried by the player. In each instance the drum is horizontal with both drum skins available for use for left or right handed players. The drum is struck with the beater in one hand, and usually the opposite hand is used to play a Bell which is secured to the top of the Dundun. Performances of this nature are normally communal and in a large circle.

The other technique is known as ‘ballet’ style and comes from the touring National Ballet groups. One drummer may be responsible for all three Dundun parts, so the three drums are often placed upright, usually lifted from the ground with stands of some variety. This enables one player to move between all three drums easily with a beater in beach hand. More complex rhythms and improvisation is possible with this arrangement. A Bell is not usually played by the same person in this set up. Performances of this nature are more in line with Western tradition and are on stage, or at the end of one room.


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