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Brazilian Samba – Primary – 15 Big Drums Set

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Age 5 - 14

  • Instruments 15
  • Players 15
  • Stock: 20

This set contains the following items:

Product Quantity

3x Caixa - 12in diameter, Izzo

3x Repinique - 12in diameter, Izzo

3x Surdo - Nesting - Primary 3 Pack, Izzo

12x Samba Sling - 1 open hook, suitable for Repinique or Surdo

3x Samba Belt - 2 open hooks, suitable for Caixa or Surdo

6x Snare Drum Sticks for Snare, Caixa or Repinique

9x Surdo Beater - plush, DfS

1x Andy Gleadhill's Brazilian Samba Book

Full Teaching Support Included
  • 9 Nesting surdos + 3 Caixa + 3 Repiniqes
  • Appropriate drum sizes for players from 6 years upwards
  • Slings and beaters included
  • Appropriate drum sizes for players from 6 years upwards
  • Includes world-leading teaching support

This ‘Brazilian Samba – Primary – 15 Big Drums Pack’ contains 9 big, aluminium Surdo drums, 3 Repiniques and 3 Caixa snare drums, as well as beaters, sticks, slings and belts appropriate to each instrument.

Also included is World Music expert Andy Gleadhill’s ‘Brazilian Samba Book’. The book will take you from the basics all the way through to your first performance in just 10 lessons, and there’s plenty of repertoire for a year or more of playing within.

The top quality kit is made in Brazil by Izzo, specialists in Samba instrument making since 1960. The three Surdos nest inside one another making for a very compact and efficient set with regards to storage space.

Special storage/carry bags are available and will help to prolong the lives of the instruments, as well as making it safe and easy to move them around for events.

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  • This is a product image of the Brazilian Samba - Primary - 15 Big Drums Packs. The products are laid out and include the following; Back Row - Three Nesting Surdo - 18in diameter, aluminium, Izzo (Yellow). Second Row - Three Nesting Surdo - 16in diameter, aluminium, Izzo (Green). Third Row - Three Nesting Surdo - 14in diameter, aluminium, Izzo (Blue). Fourth Row - Three Repinique - 12in diameter, aluminium, Izzo (Silver). Fifth Row - One Tritone Samba Whistle (Apito), Andy Gleadhill's Brazilian Samba Book, three Caixa - 12in diameter, aluminium, Izzo (Silver). Bottom Row - Six straps for the Repiniques and Caixas, nine straps for the Surdos.  All of the drums have a suitable beater or stick lying on top of their skin.
  • This is a product image of the Surdo - Nesting - 12in diameter, Izzo. It is blue in colour with black trim and has a black synthetic head. The instrument is standing upright.
  • This is a product image of the Surdo - Nesting - 14in diameter, Izzo. It is green in colour with black trim and has a black synthetic head. The instrument is standing upright.
  • This is a product image of the Surdo - Nesting - 16in diameter, Izzo. It is yellow in colour with black trim and has a black synthetic head. The instrument is standing upright.
  • BS-ca12-Izzo - Caixa 12in diameter, Izzo - IZ5973
  • BS-re12-Izzo - Repinique 12in diameter, Izzo - IZ5972

Product Information

What's included

Please note that Surdo beaters may be either Izzo or DfS models.

Please note that for reasons of stock availability we may need to make the occasional substitution of the more minor pack components. If so, we’ll always ensure suitability/equivalence and we’ll always clear any significant changes with you in advance.

How it's made

Our Surdos, Repiniques and Caixas are all made in Sao Paulo Brazil by Samba experts Izzo. The bigger drums are pressed from aluminium sheet.

Our Pandeiros and Tamborims are also made by Izzo in their Sao Paulo factory and the shells are injection moulded from ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), a high performance plastic that’s also used to make Lego, clarinets, amongst many other things.

Care & maintenance

Our Surdos, Caixa, Repiniques and tamborims are all genuine Brazilian instruments, made by specialists Izzo in Sao Paulo and they’ll give satisfaction for many years, if you treat them with care and follow the guidelines below.

Before or after each session

It’s good practice to wipe down all the instruments and beaters with a damp cloth and to check the tuning adjusters on each drum, to make sure there are no loose nuts. At the same time check the tension of each drum head. If a head seems slack, or if you find a loose adjuster, loosen all the adjusters on the drum, so that the’re just thumb tight, and then tighten them up using the supplied mini spanner in the sequence shown below.

This PDF document describes the sequence for tightening the tuning adjusters on Samba drums. It tells you how to tune a set of Izzo nesting surdos 14", 16" and 18" but the same principles can be applied to any drum with tuning adjusters.
How to tune a Samba drum

The following video shows an Izzo technician replacing and tightening a nesting surdo drum head.


The best quality materials and manufacturing methods are used to make our Brazilian Samba instruments and accessories and they’re designed for serious, long term use in the classroom. Looked after properly the instruments will give many years of satisfaction, and under normal use the materials and workmanship are guaranteed as follows:

Surdos, Caixas, Repiniques, Tamborim and Pandeiro shells – 1 year. But take special care with bigger drums as the aluminium shells can get dented if treated roughly. This won’t affect the sound but it will certainly spoil the appearance.

Drum heads – 6 months. But always use appropriate beaters (please ask us if you’re not sure) and beware sharp points. Drum heads are the most fragile part of any drum and you should expect to have to replace them regularly, especially if they’re getting lots of use. Please note that the hard plastic skins of caixas, repeniques and tamborims may quickly show dent marks, but that they can still be played.

Samba Hand Percussion – 1 year. Agogo bells and Ganza are tough and will take plenty of use but don’t drop them, especially on to hard surfaces, or throw them around.

Storage/carry bags and accessories – 2 years. But keep bags away from sharp points and don’t over-fill them or force the zips.

If you should get any problems with any of our Brazilian Samba instruments or accessories, please take photos of the issues and email them to us with the order/invoice number and a brief description of how the problem arose and we’ll get back to you right away.

Do remind your players that Samba instruments are not indestructible and that , like all musical instruments, they need to be treated with care and respect, even when played with enthusiasm!


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UK Locations

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 In the event of damage, please take photographs, including any damage to the packaging, and email these to us ASAP.

Similarly, if an instrument  develops a fault within 12 months of purchase in the course of normal use (though excluding fair wear and tear), please let us know, and we’ll replace it or refund the cost. It’s also very helpful for us to see photos of the issue as this gives us solid information for changing the design, the production method or the packing materials.

But please do contact us before returning any damaged or substandard items. Once we’ve approved their return, please send to:  Drums for Schools Limited, 21 Shaftesbury Avenue, Burton Joyce NG14 5GL 

We really appreciate your feedback in the case of faults (or if you think an instrument could be improved in any way) and we take all such feedback very seriously indeed.


Just click on a document name below to download it.


The SoW zip file contains the full term’s set of lesson plans and these are also available separately. Please note that, although called a “Primary” Scheme of Work, it’s actually suitable for any age of player, from 6 years to adult who are beginning their Samba playing and working towards their first performances.

With the extra Caixa and repenique you can add an extra timbre to the performances with their high snapping tone.

Richard McKerron

The Surdo are designed so that they can be stored inside one another, reducing the storage space requirement significantly.

Richard McKerron

A selection of 15 Samba drums should cover half to three quarters of a class and can be supported by existing classroom percussion.

Richard McKerron

Thank you, our order arrived very promptly. As far as I can tell, everything arrived safely and I look forward to using it in the new term with our children.

Lindsey Ashwin
Stoney Gate School

This is a great pack for stating your schools very own Samba Band. It’s also a great way to engage students in ensemble playing who may not usually play with others.

Andy Gleadhill