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Bongos (African Bongos)

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Age 3+

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  • L 38cm x W 23cm x H 6cm
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For Early Years and older players.

Everyone seems to love Bongos because they are two drums in one. Made of wood and goatskin, these are light but robust. The two drums have different random pitches of ‘low’ and ‘high’ making the iconic Bongo sound.

A nice large size for small children, these will sit on a surface while younger children play them either with hands or (preferably) soft beaters. Older players can play with the bongos in their lap or on a desktop and should use only the hands, not beaters.

Bongos are included in our ‘Big Stuff Kit – 14 Instruments’ and in many of our Percussion Packs for schools.

  • This is a product image of the Bongos (African Bongos) from the front.
  • Image showing Andy Gleadhill playing african bongos.

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What's included

Bongos are normally played with the fingertips of both hands, but younger children may prefer to use soft beaters. Traditionally, you put them so that the bigger (lower-pitched) drum is on the left but there is nothing to stop you reversing this.


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