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Bambajam Pelangi Kit

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Full Teaching Support Included

The ‘Bambajam Pelangi Kit’ has been designed for Early Years and Primary settings to enable children to connect with one another and develop together through musical play.

Connection and communication is built in, as the Pelangi’s unique double-sided frame helps children connect through the instrument as well as through the music.

The Pelangi was awarded the top Gold award at both Early Years and Primary levels, and was overall winner in the other teaching resources category at Primary level. The entire methodology is based on learning by playing.

As well as graded pieces with lyrics and backing tracks there are numerous musical games included – for example musical dominos, the human piano, and story-telling with chords. The colours and animals coded on to the keys enable the children to invent their own games, as well as helping them identify with the different tones before they can name them.

There is also an extensive Bambajam music library full of song packs, teaching resources, games, backing tracks and more. Each song pack is arranged for single player, duet and group using a specially developed notation system that combines colours, animals and traditional music notation. Also included are lyrics, chords and a play-along backing track.

N.B. For SEN settings: Please put a note with your order to indicate that it is needed for an SEN setting, so that we know to include the relevant materials.

Product Information

How to Play

The Bambajam Pelangi is multifunctional and can be played as a solo Xylophone, as well as a duet instrument. Alternatively, the keys can be removed from the frame to be played as single toned percussion instruments.

The natural keys on the Pelangi (think white notes on the piano) are rainbow coloured and feature animal designs so that children can easily identify with the different notes. Sharps and flats are all in natural black bamboo so that as more difficult notes are gradually introduced, the need to rely on colour can be removed.

On the reverse of each key is the note name. The keys can be configured in any order on the frame, so that children have only the keys that are on their music score sheet to concern themselves with. This is also a great function for learning to improvise, understand scales, and explore different tones.

To play a key as a single instrument, hold the bamboo at the lower part and strike with the mallet midway on the longest side holding it lightly enough so that the bamboo resonates. To play as a Xylophone place the keys on the frame and adjust the position so that when you play each key you get the clearest tone. Do not strike the keys too hard; instead use the weight of the mallets, which are ergonomically designed for children, to make use of the natural gravitational fall and bounce to generate a clear tone.

The keys are not fixed to the frame and can be removed quickly and configured for different arrangements. If you need to fix them to the frame, we suggest using elastic bands to allow some resonant give.


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