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Andy Gleadhill’s Percussion Buddies Book

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The Percussion Buddies Book, written by educator and professional percussionist Andy Gleadhill, shows teachers how to enable every pupil to participate fully and meaningfully throughout each class instrumental lesson, even if there aren’t enough main instruments to go round. The Percussion Buddies approach makes music budgets go twice as far.

There’s also a selection of audio and video clips available on line that further support teacher and pupils by giving practical demonstrations of the techniques and pieces covered in the Guide.

Product Information

What's included

Chapters include;

  • What are “Percussion Buddies”?
  • What Will I Need?
  • How is Each Percussion Instrument Played?
  • The Elements of Music
  • Musical Notation
  • Musical Warm-Up Activities
  • How to Incorporate Percussion Buddies Into the Whole Class or Group
  • Tunes for Percussion Buddies


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