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Andy Gleadhill’s Composing with World Music Book

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This brand new guide from Andy Gleadhill shows you how to use World Music styles to introduce composition to the whole class, as well as smaller groups. As with all Andy’s Teacher’s guides, this is based on years of teaching experience and is highly practical and down to earth. The accompanying CD contains examples which demonstrate the composition process.

You can hear recordings of each of the examples in the book by clicking on the trumpet icons below. A download link will be provided when you purchase the book which will grant you access to all the relevant audio files.

Product Information

What's included

Chapters include;

  • What is World Music?
  • Getting Started
  • The Method and Process
  • Grid Music
  • Composing with African Drumming
  • Composing with Brazilian Samba
  • Composing with Indonesian Gamelan
  • Composing with Indian Ragas
  • Creating a Performance


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