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Agogo Bells – Medium

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Age 5+

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  • L 35cm x W 11cm x H 8cm
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A classic metal Agogo sound as used in African and Samba drumming. The Cow Bell has two differently sized metal bells, and when struck with the wooden beater these produce notes approximately a fourth apart. We have two sizes and this is the bigger of the two.

  • Agogo Bells - Medium with beater separated angle. They are made of one section of matt black metal folded back around so that the two bells are near to each other. One is larger than the other to create two different pitches. This shot has been taken from the side and slightly above and faces up and to the left. The beater lying next to it.
  • Image of Andy Gleadhil demonstrating how to play Agogo Bells

Product Information

What's included

To play, simply hold it firmly and hit with the beater provided.

To get a quieter sound hold the bells lightly in the palm of one hand and hit with the beater. There are many ways of playing this instrument such as damping a bell on your knee or leg after hitting it.


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