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World Percussion - 30 Player Budget Class Pack


Perfect for First Access projects with limited budgets, the 'World Percussion - 30 Player Budget Class Pack' contains a set of carefully selected instruments and two brilliant teaching guides from a World Music expert; ‘Andy Gleadhill’s Class Percussion Book’ and ‘Andy Gleadhill’s Percussion Buddies Book’.


Each book contains teacher's notes, preparation advice, warm-ups and lesson plans, and has been written for teachers from any discipline, not just music specialists. The books take teacher and pupils step by step from the basics through to all the elements of music, group playing and improvisation, right up to their first performance.


This great value resource enables a class to experience music making using accessible percussion instruments with a wide range of musical sounds from around the world.


The Percussion Buddies book also shows you how to incorporate percussion into ANY musical ensemble or class instrumental lesson and ensure that everyone stays engaged and that there's no switching off and ‘waiting for turns’.

Click the trumpets to hear sound samples of tracks from the Teaching Guide...                              


How it's Played

The Pack contains:


    • 1 x one octave Metallophone in the key of C
    • 1 x Bongos (African Bongos)
    • 1 x Triangle on Stand
    • 2 x Agogo Bells - Medium
    • 4 x Maraca - Coconut, pair
    • 1 x Tambourine
    • 7 x Clapsticks (Claves) - 23cm
    • 6 x Guiro - Small - bamboo
    • 4 x Bento Shaker
    • 3 x Thumb Piano (Mbira) - natural, coconut
    • Andy Gleadhill's Class Percussion Book
    • Andy Gleadhill's Percussion Buddies book


All the instruments are accessible and easy to play and the books detail the best playing techniques for each instrument. Short video clips showing you how to play each instrument are available online and there are also online audio recordings of the exercises and tunes.


For the video examples, follow this link here and also this link here.


The instruments in the Pack have been carefully selected to cover a wide range of cultures and have geographic origins on each continent.


The Class Percussion Book contains a short introduction to each instrument and details its cultural background.

What it Goes Well With

The instruments have been chosen partly because they cover a wide range of sounds, as well as extensive geographical and cultural backgrounds. They also go well together with regards to pitch and timbre.


You can add more of any of the instruments to expand the number of players, or add other instruments of your own choosing - just be sure that any pitched instruments fit with the C major scale.

How it's Made

All the instruments included are based on original designs from all over the world, and are made by hand from natural materials following FairTrade principles.


The instruments, and the baskets, are made in Bali using natural, local materials, often in local villages where they create a useful source of income for families and a low-stress, clean and safe type of work.


The beautiful, sturdy baskets are woven by hand from bamboo fibres, and are traditionally used by Balinese artists, musicians and dancers for carrying their costumes and materials.


How to Look After It

None of the instruments need any special maintenance. Just be careful not to let the basket and contents get damp and don't put it or any of the instruments on radiator or anywhere too hot.


The instruments are tough but they are still instruments, and need to be treated with respect. Small children should be continuously supervised.


Should the skins of the Bongos or the Tambourine ever get damp or wet and lose their tension, you can use a hairdryer or convection heater to warm them up. You should find that as the skin dries out it will regain its tension.

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