Teaching Support

At Drums for Schools our overriding aim is to make music-making accessible to everyone, and our teaching support is designed for teachers who don’t have a music speciality, as well as those who do.

Our Teaching Guides, Schemes of Work and Lesson Plans are written by experts for non-experts and they don’t assume any prior experience or training – not even the ability to read music. The same goes for our CPD training, which will give you a thorough, practice-based grounding in the chosen musical tradition, complementing the approach followed in the Teaching Guides.

Our range of support for World Music teaching includes:

  • Expertly written Teaching Guides
  • Schemes of Work and Lesson Plans
  • Background Articles
  • Audio examples
  • Video clips
  • Original CDs and DVDs from around the world
  • Posters for the classroom
  • CPD training by leading authorities
  • World Music workshops for pupils and staff

For more information and to access our FREE downloads, please click on the links below:

African Drumming Teaching Support

Brazilian Samba Teaching Support

Caribbean Steel Pans Teaching Support

Indonesian Gamelan Teaching Support

Japanese Taiko Teaching Support

World Percussion Teaching Support

Teaching Support