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Continuing Professional Development

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Although World Music can be taught successfully from book resources (including Andy Gleadhill’s Teaching Guides), they are often secondary in comparison to hands on educational experiences. We offer a range of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) sessions to meet the needs of schools, groups and educators alike.


The sessions are planned in advance with the client’s needs addressed, whether it is a day of workshops with different classes, or an inset day for staff, we will be able to advise how to take things further, suggest approaches for using the resources you have to hand, give further cultural awareness of the origins of the musical styles involved and point you in the right direction for planning or adapting a Scheme of Work for integration into a larger plan of action.


We deliver CPD sessions to much of the United Kingdom – if a session is ‘out of area’ to where our trainers are based then an additional cost may be applied for travel and/or accommodation. International bookings are also available in certain locations, including but not limited to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, and Abu Dhabi. Please contact us with any queries on 0800 1577 686 or via e-mail to sales@drumsforschools.co.uk

Day Workshops and CPD
Day Workshops and CPD
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