Women Gong Kebyar-Gianyar Regency Delegation – Video

The first scenes of this video show the back stage situation and preparation before the Women Gong Kebyar Group (Sekaa) of Gianyar Regency – Bali performed at the Ardha Chandra Stage of the Bali Art Centre as part of the annual Bali Art Festival 2011. It shows how a hair stylist skilfully arrange one of the players hair. Next we also can see the make up artists (all men) putting on make up so the women will look appealing on stage. There is also a close-up shoot of one of the women in full kebaya (Balinese traditional outfit), hair and make up all done.
The Women Gong Kebyar of Gianyar Regency performs beautifully not only playing their instruments but also with hand and body dance-like movements.
In the past, Balinese Gong Kebyar is only played by men. However, nowadays, women gong kebyar groups are getting more and more popularity in Balinese society.