Jumbie Jam Steel Pan – Desk Top – Video

The Jumbie Jam is a high quality, entry level Steel Drum musical instrument. It is easy for anyone to play and makes learning music fun. A blend of simple design, durability and ease of teaching/learning makes the Jumbie Jam a fantastic instrument for music education… and pupils love it! The Jumbie Jam is smaller than a full size Steel Drum and has 8 notes (which are labelled and tuned to the scale of G) as opposed to the complex 32-note and expensive full size drum. The Steel Drum is a multi-faceted instrument providing both percussive and melodic musical capabilities creating a well-rounded musical experience. The students are not overwhelmed and intimidated by the Jumbie Jam, ensuring an effective and immediate learning experience.

The Jumbie Jam was selected for a ‘Best Tools for Schools’ award by NAMM (US National Association of Music Merchants) and recognised as a musical instrument that provides innovative solutions and opportunities for music learning. Also noted were the teacher guides and song books assisting the teacher to incorporate the Jumbie Jam into their existing music classroom or teaching it as a new group instrument.

Product details:
Blue: https://www.drumsforschools.com/product/jumbie-jam-steel-pan-desktop-blue/
Grey: https://www.drumsforschools.com/product/jumbie-jam-steel-pan-desktop-grey/
Pink: https://www.drumsforschools.com/product/jumbie-jam-steel-pan-desktop-pink/
Purple: https://www.drumsforschools.com/product/jumbie-jam-steel-pan-desktop-purple/

The Jumbie Jam is available in four colours – pink, blue, grey and purple – and in full height and desk top versions. All Jumbie Jams are ready to play and come fully packaged in a colourful carrying case which includes a high quality Steel Drum, height adjustable/collapsible stand, mallets and a song book with a play-along CD.