Indonesian Gamelan – Budget – 30 Player Class Pack – Buddies – Video

Andy Gleadhill takes a detailed look at the Indonesian Gamelan – Budget – 30 Player Class Pack – Buddies. New for 2016, this 30 player Indonesian Gamelan pack is perfect for class groups of pupils from age 6 upwards and for community groups of any age. It’s excellent value for money and contains all the items you need to get your own Gamelan ensemble off of the ground: playing, performing and composing.

The Budget metallophones are light and compact, but well made, and have a very good sound quality. The Budget range is a good choice if budget is limited or if portability is key.

This Budget Pack includes large instruments for 15 players (3 Gongs, a Balinese drum, a 4 pan Bonang (for 2 players) and 9 metallophones) and 15 sets of Ceng Ceng (Balinese cymbals), used to keep time and mark accents, giving you a wide range of authentic Gamelan sounds and to making it easy to split the group into pairs, each with a big and smaller instrument.

Also included are two teaching guides by world music expert Andy Gleadhill: Indonesian Gamelan and Percussion Buddies. The Indonesian Gamelan book will take you from basics through to your first performance in just 10 lessons and there’s plenty of repertoire for a year or more of playing with ten simple pieces, suggestions on teaching delivery and a blank resource to photocopy to assist with planning composition work. The Percussion Buddies book will show you how to develop percussion accompaniments for almost any piece, whether Gamelan, drumming, choral, ukulele or any ensemble.

Full details of the pack:

The instruments have been specially modified for use in the classroom: the sturdy metal Gong stand can be dis-assembled into sections if you need to move it around, the metallophone casings are smooth and have rubber bases to protect the floor surface. Special storage/carry bags are also available and will help to prolong the instruments’ lives as well as making it safe and easy to move them around for outside events.