29 October 2019

Brazilian Samba – Secondary – 10 Player Class Pack – Buddies – Video

Andy Gleadhill takes a detailed look at the Brazilian Samba – Secondary – 10 Player Class Pack – Buddies. This extra value pack has everything you need to get your secondary (KS3-4) Samba drumming group off to a flying start. It’s similar to the Primary pack but has bigger Surdos (1 x 14in, 1 x 16in and 1 x 18in).

Full details of the pack: https://www.drumsforschools.com/product/brazilian-samba-secondary-10-player-class-pack-buddies-2/

The Pack includes 5 big aluminium drums and 5 smaller instruments, to give you a wide range of authentic Samba sounds and to make it easy to split the group into pairs, each with a big and smaller instrument. Also included are two teaching guides by world music expert Andy Gleadhill: Brazilian Samba and Percussion Buddies. The books will take you from basics through to your first performance in just 10 lessons and there’s plenty of repertoire for a year or more of playing.

The top quality kit is made in Brazil by Izzo, specialists in Samba instrument making since 1960 and it’s perfect for the classroom as the Surdo drums nest inside one another, keeping storage requirements to a minimum. Special storage/carry bags are also available and will extend the lives of the instruments as well as making storage and transport safe and easy.

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