Bali Art Festival 2011-Cupak Drama Part 1 – Video

This video is taken during a drama and dance performance by the students Dwijendra Junior High — Denpasar as part of the annual Bali Art Festival 2011 event. They are performing a very popular drama in Bali entitled “Cupak” .
The Cupak Drama is a very popular drama in Bali. It tells about a man named Cupak and his younger brother Gerantang. In this drama, it tells that Cupak, after cheating his brother Gerantang, claims that he is the one who saved the King’s daughter, Galuh from an evil giant, Menaru. Therefore, as his reward, Cupak is crowned as the new king. Unfortunately for Cupak, his brother Gerantang suddenly shows up and tells the Queen, Galuh, about Cupak’s wickedness. Galuh then instructed that the king’s crown is being taken off Cupak’s head and put on Gerantang, the new king. Cupak begs forgiveness to Gerantang. The kind Gerantang, of course, forgives Cupak. Cupak is free to travel and find his own way. On his way, Cupak meets a lovely princess who is running in fear asking for help. There is a giant evil bird that has spread fear in the village. Cupak  and his men promise the princess that they will help her. They try to fight the giant bird, but it is too hard to be defeated. After discussing for a new strategy, they decide to allure the giant bird into a cave and use spears to kill the bird. Cupak is now called a hero and he gains it with honesty.
A video of the rehearsal is also available.