Arja Cupak Gerantang Part 6 – Video

Arja Cupak Gerantang is a popular Balinese Drama which is usually performed during a temple ceremony or indeed at any kind of ceremony. This video was shot during a temple ceremony at Banjar Sakeh in Tabanan Village, Bali. The drama tells about Cupak’s journey, village by village in search of his younger brother (Gerantang), who has run away from home. On his journey Cupak meets many people and has many experiences. He’s finally reunited with his brother Gerantang and together they rescue the King’s daughter from an evil giant. Cupak’s character represents the greedy, lazy, and cunning side of human nature, whilst Gerantang is brave, handsome and generous. But, as we shall see, Cupak is also a gifted healer and “it takes all sorts to make a world”.

Cupak goes to the market and meets a nasi campur (a selection of local dishes) seller. Cupak greedily eats a very big portion of nasi campur.

Cupak and Gerantang meet. Together they go to search for Galuh (the King’s daughter). Gerantang then enters a ‘cave’ to save Galuh from an evil giant. The final part of this story (not shown here) tells how Cupak cheats Gerantang and  takes the credit for rescuing Galuh. Cupak and Gerantang represent the black and white (good and evil) which the Balinese believe is the basic nature of things.