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Pulu - Budget


The ‘Pulu - Budget’ is a fabulously sonorous instrument. The two keys are tuned just slightly apart from each other and are usually struck simultaneously with a double headed mallet to produce a deep resonating tone with substantial beat frequencies fluttering throughout the decay.


The Pulu is often used as an accompaniment to singing, but also makes a very good substitute or reinforcement for Gongs.


This is the Budget version of the Pulu and comes complete with a beater. Excellent value for money when your budget is restricted.


How it's Played

To play the instruments, take the dedicated beater (pangul) and firmly strike the key, letting the mallet bounce off swiftly. When you play a different note you should mute the previous one with your other hand so as to create a constant legato throughout the performance.


The Pulu makes a great addition to smaller scale ensembles when you are building your collection piece by piece. Consider ordering a Gamelan 3 pack of metallophones to compliment this product.

What it Goes Well With

Keep all Gamelan instruments dry and away from extremes of temperature and they should last well.

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