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Workshop and CPD – Consolidation


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This all-day ‘Workshop and CPD – Consolidation’ session is for schools who have already made a start with their Whole Class Ensemble Teaching in African Drumming, Brazilian Samba, Caribbean Steel Pans, Indonesian Gamelan or World Percussion and who wish to consolidate progress and plan next steps. The day’s programme is flexible and can be tailored to fit the school timetable and specific needs. We can include up to 6 class workshops and 2 CPD sessions with the aim of ensuring that everyone is up to speed and that your class teachers have the expertise and confidence to take things further forward

In the two CPD sessions (or a single, longer session) we’ll help your teachers set objectives and outcomes, identify strengths and weaknesses and we’ll suggest exercises to address these.


In the class workshops, with teachers participating or assisting, we’ll assess progress and identify areas for further work, including both technical issues and group dynamics.

    • To download a copy of the ‘Workshops and CPD Content’, click here.
    • To download a copy of ‘Life Skills Music – Overview’, click here.
  • To download a copy of ‘Life Skills Music – Detailed Overview’ , click here.

Product Information

What's included

What’s in it for the school?

    • One day with DfS expert in-school: Class teachers will be trained in how to lead effective sessions for when the Drums for Schools experts are not present.
    • Two 30 minute CPD sessions and six 40 minute class workshops per day: A total contact time of 5 hours per day. The breakdown here is illustrative, and sessions will be agreed in advance with the school. The staff CPD sessions can easily be rolled into a single longer session at the end of the school day.
    • 180 pupils covered in total: Assumes 6 classes of 30 pupils each over the course of a day, plus staff.
    • All Pupils Learn an Instrument: A single session will enable pupils to consolidate the techniques learned so far.
    • All Pupils develop Life Skills: Life Skills development is proportional to number of hours ensemble playing which can be built upon in the future.
    • Coverage of the Elements of Music – UK/IB Syllabus: Some elements covered or highlighted during the day, which can assist with future compositional development.
    • Teaching Guide: A hard copy and access to tablet versions of one of Andy Gleadhill’s Books relevant to the session is also provided as part of this package. Early Years contexts will receive resources created by annA rydeR.
  • Online support: Audio Tracks, Support Videos, Lesson Plans, Cultural Background and other information are available to assist in a follow up capacity.


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