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Teacher Training Day – Kagemusha Taiko

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A full day of teacher training with taiko specialists Kagemusha Taiko. This single day-long workshop introduces taiko, with an overview of its history and principles, gives hands-on experience of the accessibility and enjoyment of taiko, explores issues around implementation and covers topics such as affordable drums and performance. This is a stand-alone workshop and can enable you to get started with taiko in your school and gives enough material for several taiko sessions. All material covered is backed-up by Jonathan Kirby’s taiko curriculum which has been followed by many teachers around the country, and internationally.

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Taiko is a great addition to the music curriculum, and is just as popular as part of the Wider Opportunities programme – it also works well in myriad ways for all manner of special needs. Kagemusha Taiko’s teacher training programme has been developed over ten years by experienced teachers and has proved highly successful with Music Services and individual schools throughout the U.K. Teaching with Kagemusha Taiko’s four key principles, established and available taiko curriculum and the same drums that we sell, their experienced teaching staff will come to you to give you the taiko skills you need to start your own taiko project.


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