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Jonathan Kirby’s Taiko Drumming Book

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Jonathan Kirby brings ten years of Taiko teaching experience together in this quick-start guide to Taiko drumming. The book is designed primarily for teachers and group leaders who are keen to get Taiko started without previous Taiko experience.

Jonathan says: ‘I worked on a project with some music teachers in North Devon, and we came up with the formula of a series of short online instructional videos, supported by a book. Purchase of the book gives the buyer the password to access the videos.’

One complete term of Taiko is laid out in simple, easy-to-follow lesson plans starting from the basics of how to stand at the drum, through to a full performance at the end of term – always following Kagemusha Taiko’s four key principles.

This is a concise, yet thorough guide that makes Taiko accessible to all in a way that is clear and easy to understand. The accompanying DVD shows Jonathan taking Kagemusha Junior Taiko’s newest members through the programme, step-by-step. Following the DVD chapters, read Jonathan’s teaching tips and notes and see Taiko teaching in action.

Product Information

What's included

Chapters Include;

    • Introduction
    • What you need to succeed
    • History of Taiko, Taiko Principles
    • Taiko Notation
    • Running a Taiko Session
  • Ten Taiko Lesson plans (supported by DVD)


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