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Brazilian Samba Book – Audio Support

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  • Free downloads of audio recordings of all the pieces in Andy Gleadhill's Brazilian Samba Book
  • Professionally produced performances

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Brazilian Samba is one of Andy Gleadhill’s growing range of Teacher’s guides for classroom instruments.

Above you can play the audio tracks that accompany Andy Gleadhill’s Brazilian Samba Book and you can also download them. The recordings are of professionally produced performances by school children of all the Samba tunes in the book. We recommend that you listen to the tunes either through headphones or good quality speakers as laptop and small loudspeakers will struggle to reproduce the lower frequencies and may sound rather “tinny”.

Andy Gleadhill’s Brazilian Samba Book has been written to help non-specialists introduce Samba playing to whole class as well as smaller groups.

As with all Andy’s teaching guides, this is based on years of teaching experience and is highly practical and down to earth. It assumes no prior knowledge of the Samba style and you don’t even need to be able to read music to teach it effectively. The guide contains a series of lesson plans which will take you and the class through from scratch to your first performance in just 8 weeks.

Our Brazilian Samba – Video Support page can be a useful visual assistant to you.

You may also be interested in our free Brazilian Samba – Primary – Scheme of Work which is an excellent practical accompaniment to Andy Gleadhill’s Brazilian Samba Book.

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