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Indonesian Gamelan

I appreciate the environmentally friendly efforts of your business, using recycled paper etc, well done!

Lisa Oliver

All fine and dandy thank you!

Hazel Collins
Whipton Barton Junior

Thoughts from our Year 5 children on playing the Gamelan:-
• It’s good because you get to experience what people play in other countries
• I feel special when I do it
• It calms we down in a way, makes me feel happy and special and I like doing it
• It makes you forget everything and concentrate on the sound

Mary Edwards
King Edward’s Junior School

All delivered very swiftly and went down well.thanks again.

Thomas Chalmers
The Buddy Beat

All arrived safely thank you and we have started using the books for planning for next year.

Richie Baxter
Tanglin Trust School, Singapore

It’s a great feeling that we are sharing a different county’s musical culture.

King Edward’s Junior School

It was all perfect! thank you very much!!

Veronica Garcia Lucchetti

We are very happy with the cushions and covers.

Rachel Swindells
The Bridgwater Hall

Congratulations — your stuff is brilliant!

Ann Cashman

Thank you. All arrived safely.

Sue Nield
West Hill Primary School

Everything arrived safely and I’m very pleased with all it all. Thanks again for the great service and instruments.


Everything arrived safely and I’m really pleased with it all – in fact, I’m just about to place another order with you.

Amanda Priestley

The instruments are wonderful! Children like them very much!

Zane Kriumane

This fitted perfectly and is a very good bag. One satisfied customer!
The gamelan stick is good too – I’ve just refurbed a set of antique Wilkinson’s Patent chime bells bought on e-bay and the stick works very well with these!

Chris Sangster

The products delivered have exceeded our expectations in their quality and are being put to very good use!

Linda Powell
James Peacock School

Many thanks for beautiful instruments! They are very, very nice.

Zane Kriumane

The order arrived on the day I asked for and everything was fine. I am particularly pleased with the small djembe drums.

Frances Maddex
Music Train

It calms me down, makes me feel happy and special and I like doing it.

King Edward’s Junior School

I am very happy with the instruments.
When budget allows, I will look to add to my collection!

Tristessa Åberg
International School of the Stockholm Region

Your help, patience and service is greatly appreciated.

Garry Shore
Al Khor Intl School

The order arrived very promptly, it was all music books so I cant make any comments about instruments. Everything we ordered arrived promptly & was all in good condition.

Sandra Bilham
Windstruments & Music House

Your instruments are excellent value.

Tom Edom

I received what I’ve ordered. Fantastic products, better than I thought! Thank you :).

Dibiarma Darmawan

Very happy with the instruments, the communication from Andy and the service.

Priestlands School

We have received everything in good order.

Komali Malhotra
German European School Singapore

Thank you very much – the book arrived very quickly and we were very grateful for the speedy service.

Corina Clement
Bishop Cornish School

Thanks for delivery. I’m happy with the product.

Paul Stanley
Yew Wah School of Shanghai LinGang

It’s really fun and it’s good for organisation, listening and multi -tasking.

King Edward’s Junior School

All items are in good condition

Bang Bang, Kazakhstan.

All great, Thanks!

Alexander Bogdanowitsch
Ramapo College of New Jersey

This arrived safely and promptly. No problems experienced.

Cathy Turner
Wombwell Park Street Primary School

Everything arrived complete and on time, excellent service.

John Bennett
The Music Cellar

We have received our order, and we are very satisfied with it.
Thank you very much for you assistance.

Belinda Nicholas
Exeter Road

Everything arrived and was in order.

Jason Slope
Northhampton Academy

Wow, that was fast – thanks for sending the order so quickly! The instruments all seem fantastic. Really looking forward to hearing them all together.

Amanda Priestley

All good!

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