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The best pack to begin the adventure of playing and enjoying authentic Indonesian Gamelan music. Every thing you need to get started with the beautiful Asia music, all at very low cost.

Andy Gleadhill

The addition of the Gamelan in year 5 has now broadened the children’s musical awareness of how music works and is experienced in and through ‘non-western’ cultures and especially through the more aural traditions that exist within these musical genres.

Mary Edwards
King Edward’s Junior School

A great choice for community groups, showcases and schools, the Premium instruments are of solid, ornate design with powerful gongs, backed up by a generous run of Ceng Ceng cymbals.

Richard McKerron

The lightweight nature and smaller size of the instruments in this pack allows them to be stored away efficiently, as well as being affordable.

Richard McKerron

Thoughts from our Year 5 children on playing the Gamelan:-
• It’s good because you get to experience what people play in other countries
• I feel special when I do it
• It calms we down in a way, makes me feel happy and special and I like doing it
• It makes you forget everything and concentrate on the sound

Mary Edwards
King Edward’s Junior School
  • Overall Winner "All Other Resources" 2016 Primary Teacher Awards GOLD
  • 2016 Practical Pre-School Awards GOLD
  • Nursery World Awards Winner 2010
  • SEADOM Southeast Asia Directors of Music
  • Sound Sense The voice of community music
  • SAME Scottish Association for Music Education
  • Music Mark Influencing Supporting & Connecting
  • MMA Music Teaching Professionals
  • ISM Corporate Member
  • ISME International Society for Music Education
  • BESA British Educational Suppliers Association