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Indonesian Gamelan

Our order arrived in order.

Zaida Pfister
Institut auf dem Rosenberg

The instruments are working well! I used them at school with students and they enjoyed them. I also brought the instrument to my gamelan teacher and he liked it too. I plan on purchasing some more instruments in the future. Thanks again!


We are enjoying our gamelan very much.

Carolina Bowie
Victoria CE Infant and Nursery School

Thoughts from our Year 5 children on playing the Gamelan:-
• It’s good because you get to experience what people play in other countries
• I feel special when I do it
• It calms we down in a way, makes me feel happy and special and I like doing it
• It makes you forget everything and concentrate on the sound

Mary Edwards
King Edward’s Junior School

We are delighted with the Djembes in every way – the quality, the ease of use, the teachers guide and the way the children have responded to them.

Emma Marshall
Havelock Academy

Everything has arrived safely, and is as expected! I’ve had great fun trying the instruments out, and I should be using them in a teaching unit very soon. I have no suggestions for improvement in service, as everything was excellent. I shall be recommending you to others.

Peter Bridgwood
The Archbishop Lanfranc Academy

We are completely satisfied. The products arrived quickly and with sufficient packaging.

Todd Bevan
Cambridgeshire Music Outreach Team

The colourful and visually spectacular Gamelan has added another dimension of music making to the curriculum.

Mary Edwards
King Edward’s Junior School

We have been delighted with the service from everyone we have dealt with at Drums for Schools.

Emma Marshall
Havelock Academy

I received what I’ve ordered. Fantastic products, better than I thought! Thank you :).

Dibiarma Darmawan

The addition of the Gamelan in year 5 has now broadened the children’s musical awareness of how music works and is experienced in and through ‘non-western’ cultures and especially through the more aural traditions that exist within these musical genres.

Mary Edwards
King Edward’s Junior School

We have received our order and everything is fine.

Dr. Layla Makkawi
Orphan Welfare Society-Saida

It’s a great feeling that we are sharing a different county’s musical culture.

King Edward’s Junior School

It’s really fun and it’s good for organisation, listening and multi -tasking.

King Edward’s Junior School

Thank you very much for all your help and support. The instruments have arrived and the children are fascinated, Year 6 can’t wait for their lesson on Monday! The Gamelan is a great addition to our department and adds greatly to our steps to becoming more culturally aware and diverse.

Emma Stretch
Belmont Grosvenor School

It calms me down, makes me feel happy and special and I like doing it.

King Edward’s Junior School

Everything arrived fantastically that you.

Ruach rhythms

At a class assembly our Year 3 and 4 children dazzled the school and visiting parents with their gamelan performance. The children not only love the music -especially the gong, but also the etiquette rituals that surround the orchestra.

Carolina Bowie
Victoria First School

We have received everything and are happy with your service.

Jennifer Haselbach
International School ULM/NEU-ULM, Germany

Delighted, thank you. They are super and the students love them

Alison Townley
International School of Aberdeen (ISA)
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