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Everything has arrived safetly and we are happy with the product.


The Jumbie Jam Steel Pan makes learning a World Music tradition simple and hugely enjoyable. It also has many cross curricular benefits for both school and pupil.

Andy Gleadhill

I’m very happy with the instruments, looking forward to using them at my school this year, the kids love the steel pans especially!

David Ramsay
St. Andrews International School Green Valley, Thailand

Everything arrived without problems thank you.

Julie Lilley
Inmans Primary School

The Jumbie Jam Steel Pans are efficient in their size and spacing compared to traditional oil drums which means a much smaller storage footprint.

Richard McKerron

With a small selection of Steel Pans you will be able to teach effective interactive withdrawal groups, or an effective lunchtime club.

Richard McKerron

I know Drums for Schools always provide good services. Thank you very much.

Vicky Chong
Kellett School, The British International School in Hong Kong

Delighted, thank you. They are super and the students love them

Alison Townley
International School of Aberdeen (ISA)

Our drums are amazing and the children love them. We are just about to start a drum club and plan to perform to parents at the end of the summer term. Thank you for your support.

Jude Moseley
The Learning Academy Trust

A full set of fifteen Steel Pans could be used in a classroom setting for an entire scheme of work, or as a great after school club.

Richard McKerron

We received the steel drums last week-all in great condition. The pupils have loved playing them out in the sun as part of a Caribbean music project.

Caroline Robson
Upton Junior School

Everything was received satisfactorily. Many thanks for your help.

Jane Barnett
Scope - Ingfield Manor School

Playing together in a larger group and holding their own part will give students a sense of collective belonging as well as positive independence in a safe environment.

Richard McKerron

We are loving the steel drums.

Jude Moseley
Trenance Learning Academy

The drums are great, and extremely popular with the children, and with me! They arrived in very secure packaging, and the storage cases are invaluable.

Catherine J Hughes
Newcastle under Lyme School, Independent Day School

With a smaller pan size compared to the traditional oil drums, these Jumbie Jam Steel Pans are a great choice for schools with limited storage space.

Richard McKerron

We ordered a set of 15 Jumbie Jams and they have been fantastic!

Catherine Burgis
Hever Primary School

Caribbean Steel Pan music tends to involve rapid movements and rolls, even with the slower pieces, which will get the students moving.

Richard McKerron

To increase students’ aural capabilities you could set them a task to figure out how to play a well-known song by ear on the Steel Pans, and then teach it to the rest of the group.

Richard McKerron

Our order arrived promptly and safely thank you. The children are enjoying learning to play the drums and I would certainly recommend the pack and yourselves to anyone who was thinking of buying these instruments.

Sue Dixon
Marham Junior School

With fifteen Steel Pans in a band you will be able to divide up the parts of the music effectively to create solid and pleasing performances.

Richard McKerron

A full complement of desk top Steel Pans is an excellent choice for whole class teaching.

Richard McKerron

We have received the steel pans and very excited about using them.

Lucy Palmer-Jones
Willingham Primary School

We have received and are already using our jumbie jams. Our delivery tutors love all aspects of the instruments and are enjoying working with the local children.
We appreciate the fast delivery and excellent customer service.
Thank you again.

Christopher Braiden
World of Music Education Limited

The desk top version of the Jumbie Jam Steel Pan not only saves space but is the best value for money way to experience the Steel Pan music of the Caribbean. Accessible to children of all ages they love the authentic Steel Pan sound and easy to play layout of the Pans.

Andy Gleadhill

With a small selection of Steel Pans you can run a lunchtime or after school club capable of showcases and light performance work.

Richard McKerron

We received all the items in good condition. Thank You for your efficient reply during the business period.

Nur Hamizah bt Hamdan
Eaton International School

Excellent for small group work, or combined with other instruments for whole class work.

Richard McKerron

With ten Steel Pans you will be able to create strong main melodies, or divide the music up into two or three lighter parts.

Richard McKerron

A brilliant introduction to Caribbean Steel Pan Music, the Jumbie Jam is an easy to play version of the Steel Pan. Players will soon be able to play traditional tunes make music as part of an ensemble. A great way to teach melody, harmony as well as essential life skills.

Andy Gleadhill

Everything arrived safely. Thank you very much.

Sarah Hall
Queen Elizabeth's Hospital, Bristol

Hand eye coordination will improve over time as students practise playing the Steel Pans.

Richard McKerron

With a band of ten Steel Pans you will create strong main melodies, or be able to divide the music into two or three light parts.

Richard McKerron

Ten Steel Pans create a great opportunity to focus on the development of smaller groups of students, or half sized class groups.

Richard McKerron

Thank you everything arrived promptly and the children and staff have been having fun playing on and learning how to play the drums.

Ann Bunworth
St Stephens Community Primary School

We’ve received the drums and are very happy with them. So much so we’ve ordered some more!

David Rose
Bedford Borough Council

The drums are great, and extremely popular with the children , and with me! They arrived in very secure packaging, and the storage cases are invaluable.

Catherine Hughes

A set of Steel Pans could be a gateway to your own brand of fusion music, combining them with instruments already on offer in your department.

Richard McKerron

Learning the Jumbie Jam Steel Pans teaches the pupils good listening skills, a knowledge of elementary musical notation and theory and is great fun. The benefits of the sense of achievement that the pupils gain from their performances is a massive impact on self esteem.

Andy Gleadhill

I absolutely cannot fault the service and effieciency of the orderig etc. Full marks from Mapledene!

Melanie Sanders
Mapledene School

Our order arrived in order.

Zaida Pfister
Institut auf dem Rosenberg

The stands and feet provided mean that no additional equipment is needed to play these instruments in a standing position, perfect for the audience to get a good view as well.

Richard McKerron

Students retain information well when taught by their peers and when repeating a task. This sort of musical activity involves both!

Richard McKerron
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