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Thank you for supplying the drums and I look forward to using them,

Karen Harper
St. Pauls Surrey

The process from start to finish was dealt with to a very high professional standard!
I have no hesitations in recommending you to other organisations as I have seen first hand the enjoyment they bring to our service users.

Thomas Haighton
Carrickfergus & District Senior Gateway

Everything is great.

Trevor Iles

The order was absolutely fine. I think you provide a wonderful service and we now have a much more creative and inventive set of music resources.

Sarah Robbins
The Springfield Project

Everything was great thank you. All arrived safely and we have started our own lunchtime club which the children love. Very good service and totally satisfied.

Parkside Community Primary School

The drum arrived today – it is perfect, just what I needed.

Julie Stanning
Townley Grammar School

Thank you! Everything is fine

Julia Handscombe
Crown Meadow First

All received and very pleased with the drums. We are just trying to find the best place to store them!

Elizabeth Cody
Russet House School

The drums are fabulous – I am really pleased with them (and so are my students)

Catherine Fleming

We appreciated the concern you showed for our desire to have the drums ASAP, and the substitutions you made. I can’t fault your customer care! One very satisfied customer!

Olly Davey
Regional Music Service

The Djembe are sized for secondary and adult hands.

Richard McKerron

We were very pleased with the service you gave, delivery was excellent and our order was delt with very quickly. Thank You for your excellent service.

Joanne Cruise
St Pius X RCVA Primary School

You guys are amazing !! I will keep in touch and keep you’s posted with new vids etc. and some quotes from our service users on how it makes them feel.

Thomas Haighton
Carrickfergus & District Senior Gateway

I have used the drums already on several occasions and i think they are superb – I am an extremely happy customer!

Julian Watson

Just to let you know that the drums arrived yesterday and they are just sooooooo beautiful!
I can’t believe how tactile and inviting they are – couldn’t resist a little bash at one of them and was bowled over by at the sound produced by even my tentative taps, so can’t wait to hear 15 children (and one school secretary!?) let loose on them all at once! They’re going to love them!

Anna Breen
Loreto Convent School Gibraltar

Everything arrived safely thank you, and the children are happily drumming away (in the room right next door to me!).

Sue Green
Louth Lacey Gardens Junior School

Our drums arrived safe snd sound and have been a fabulous addition to our music resource.

Julie Coackley
Millennium Minis

The Instruments and teaching material arrived right on schedule, in perfect condition. Our group have really enjoyed using them. I already have experience of playing Djembe, but nonetheless we found the music book very useful. We’ve already performed in one concert and we have another during the summer. Many Thanks for a great service.

Richard Dashwood

Drums arrived safely in good drumming order. We are very happy with service.

Angus Forbes
King's College London

Drums are brilliant- thanks SO much!

Richard Poyser
d'Overbroeck's Limited

The rubber base sections on each of the Djembe will protect floors from dents and scratches.

Richard McKerron

Everything arrived to my expectations.

Roxanne Jarvis
Wheelers Lane Technology College

The children love the African rhythms and are never absent on drumming day

Paul Baxter
St Pauls Primary

We received the drums in very good time and have no problems. Thanks for the prompt and reliable service.

John Westmore
Hollickwood School

The new drum arrived today and I am delighted with it.

Bruce Armstrong
Health & Happiness

The Drums arrived safely and were the topic of much enquiry and enthusiasm. We were able to hold a drum circle group before Christmas.

Julie Campbell-White
Southern Health NHS Foundation

I am looking forward to developing my own skills and teaching schemes.

Mrs Emily Edwards
Lowerplace Primary School

The drums are fantastic, the children are very much enjoying using them. It is amazing what even very young children can achieve in a very short space of time with African drums. Our Year 2 children are loving it.

Emma Counter
South Petherton Infants

The teachers are delighted with the drums

Peter Desmond
Haringey Council

We have purchased time and time again your 30 player African Drumming Pack as it is perfect for delivering the African Drumming wider opportunities lessons in our primary schools, giving each pupil a rewarding playing experience and helping the tutors deliver a measured group exciting and varied lessons with the tutor book you supply.

Anita Silverston
Regional Music Service

All was fine and the drums are fab!

Kath Borer
Little Star

A great starter pack for a whole school drumming project

Andy Gleadhill

As always, everything arrived quickly and in excellent condition. All received and brilliant.

Emma Counter
South Petherton Infants

I am delighted with the djembes.

Ian Forgrieve
Bolton School

Schools have limited budgets and your instruments have proved to be exceptional value for money in allowing us to promote world music and help young people enjoy a wider range of music making activities. Thank you for your continued product support and your help with music teaching resources.

Anita Silverston
Regional Music Service

We are very happy with these. Thank you!

Timothy Uglow
Worksop College

I am absolutely delighted with the drums and so are my Form V pupils who have been the first to try them! I am particularly impressed by the storage cases and the book that you sent as it has enabled me to begin teaching techniques even though I have only attended one drumming workshop before.

Lesley Wilson
Seaton House School

The music teacher is thrilled with his drums so it appears all is good thank you.

Bev Carter
Rowner Junior School

Djembes are fantastic. Great having the rubber around the base and the hats are much better for us than djembe cases and much cheaper.

John Haslam

Younger players can learn quickly when paired up with older players. The correct size Djembe for each will allow them to focus on technique.

Richard McKerron

Thanks for the prompt and efficient way in which you handled my order of 30 Junior Djembes, they really were much better than I imagined.

Ian Haskell
Beating Heart Promotions

These Djembe are a sturdy choice for classroom use.

Richard McKerron

We received all the items in good condition. Thank You for your efficient reply during the business period.

Nur Hamizah bt Hamdan
Eaton International School

All arrived safely and swiftly, and everything is satisfactory and fine with the drums.

Suzzanne Ajame-Singh

There are enough drums in this pack to cover the majority of a normal class size, with the remainder on smaller percussion, or have a group leader role.

Richard McKerron

Every thing arrived well and in good time and students are enjoying working with the equipment.
Thank you for the prompt supply.

Maria-Brigid Ryan.
Baycroft School

You probably already have students who are learning Drum Kit and Percussion and this pack is ideal for setting up a drumming group so that they can enjoy the benefits of ensemble playing. Piano and Keyboard players love it too.

Andy Gleadhill

Drums arrived safely, well packaged and we are using all of them. Very impressed with your prompt efficient service.

Suzy Cole
Hemyock Primary School

We are extremely pleased with the quality and sound of the drums. We have already started to use them in our workshops and the children get great pleasure out of them.

Lisa Bellamy
Grange Primary School

We are happy with the order that we received

Sue Bradshaw
Park Lane Primary School and Nursery

We were very impressed with the speed of service, packaging and drums themselves. All excellent and we’re enjoying using them!

Laura Scott
Tudor Grange Academy Solihull

They are great, really happy

Nick Fletcher
Rowdeford School

Fantastic, thanks! No problems at all.

John Haslam

Great service and great products- They have been tried and tested by three groups already and everyone gave a thumbs up for quality and playability!

Mark Scoones
Nature in Mind Framework

Thank you for your email. All the items arrived safely and are now being used.

Sue Baird
Christ Church Junior School

We bought the drums for another school (a new school),
The school has told me everything arrived in good order.

James Wood
St Bede's School

Everything arrived safely and is excellent. The goodwill gesture of sending covers for the drums free of charge was much appreciated.

Simon George
Rastrick High School Academy

Perfect for starting an after school club, small performances at showcases, open days or fetes or for adding more Djembes to your class line-up.

Richard McKerron

All the teachers and students are very happy with the instruments that we have purchased for the schools.

Cliff Carveth
Cornwall Learning - Music Service

The larger size range of drums in this pack is idea for students from KS3 right up to adult, so students can develop alongside the product.

Richard McKerron

Thank you for the drums – they are fantastic and we are very pleased with them.

Louise Vane
Johanna Primary School

Love your instruments.

Vicky Hook

The range of Djembe sizes is a great choice for an after school club with members at different stages.

Richard McKerron

Good advice and everything arrived without a hitch.

Jeremy Smith
St.Michaels Dorking

Our drum set is working out fantastic, thank you. The kids are really enjoying the teaching sessions and the sensory work we use them for.

Ian Esmond
Whitton School

Thanks for the quick and easy checkout and delivery of the drums. Look forward to ordering more next year.

Sarah Martin
Yellow Dot Nursery

We are very happy with the drums. The children are enjoying using them

Lisa Musgrove

The right size Djembe can easily be manoeuvred by a student, leading to ownership and being at ease with the instruments.

Richard McKerron

We have been more than satisfied with the quality of the drums. They look good and play well, and the kids have enjoyed using them.

Olly Davey
Regional Music Service

These djembes will withstand daily classroom use, year after year after year.

Andy Gleadhill

This pack has specially selected drums in three different sizes allowing for a good balanced sound between the different tones of each size drum.

Andy Gleadhill

We are very pleased with the drums and percussion instruments. Very pleased with your service.

Blackhall Nursery

All items are in good condition

Bang Bang, Kazakhstan.

They are fantastic: two classes already enjoying playing together.

Cathryn Throup
Clifton upon Teme Primary School

We are very happy with the drums that you have provided.

Jason Slope
Kettering Buccleuch Academy

The communication and advice about which drums to buy etc was excellent and very useful.

Mrs Emily Edwards
Lowerplace Primary School

I am very happy with the drums – they are getting used well already!
Service has been excellent – quick delivery and drums very well packed. Customer service is good and have been very impressed with the after sales care.

Sue Steele
Kemsley Primary Academy

African Drumming includes and engages everyone with all abilities backgrounds and even the hard to reach.

Richard McKerron

Everything was fine with the order. It arrived quickly and the staff who are going to use the drums and other items were very pleased with them.

Craig Brown
Resources Department Newark & Sherwood Day Service, Nottinghamshire County Council

African Drumming includes and engages everyone: all abilities, and backgrounds and even the hard to reach.

Andy Gleadhill

Our music teacher is delighted with the drums and describes them as ‘fantastic’. From an administrative point of view, the ordering system is efficient and delivery prompt. Overall, an excellent service.

Gill Whelan
Lakeside School

The djembes arrived safely.

Samantha Roach
Forest School

Perfect for starting an after school club or for adding more djembes to your class line-up.

Andy Gleadhill

Thanks ever so much for our drums delivery. They look good quality and certainly excellent value for money.

Tim McVittie
Dean Close Prep School

Everything was in order. We are very pleased with your service.

David Dixon
Wickersley School & Sports College

I know it could have been any company that supplied me with my drums, but I am so glad it was you guys not least for the way you responded to every query I had but more for the way you enthuse all things rhythm. You really do come across as hobby first, business second and in this ruthless world it is a welcome change.

Ian Haskell
Beating Heart Promotions
“Your instruments have helped us to make it extra fun and interactive.”
Helen Oliver

Al items received promptly and safely. We are very satisfied with your products and service.

Liz Herbert
Normans Musical Instruments

The drums can be stored efficiently by stacking them head to head, or by horizontally stacking them back to front with each layer, smallest to biggest.

Richard McKerron

Got the drums and the kids love them!

Dmitri van Zwanenberg
St Mary's CE JMI School

We are very pleased with the drums and thank you for replacing the one that was faulty so promptly.

Carol Charman
Middle Park Primary School

We have received our order and are very happy with the drums. They are perfect for Key Stage 2 children, who are all enjoying playing them. They are easy to store and carry around and make a surprisingly good range of sounds for their size.

Mrs Emily Edwards
Lowerplace Primary School

These Djembes will withstand daily classroom use, for long period of time.

Richard McKerron

African Drumming develops listening, teamwork and many important Life Skills.

Andy Gleadhill

Everything arrived quickly and safely. The intruments are excellent and of very good quaility.

Craig Stocker

A great choice for use within the classroom – half the class can support with smaller percussion and coach the Djembe players, then swap over roles part way through.

Richard McKerron

We received the drums and they are fantastic, I have already put them to great use with years 3,4,5 and 6 classes and we now have a African drum tutor once a week.

Gary Chandley
Stanley Grove Primary Academy

The Djembes hold their tension well, but can easily be retuned by executing Mali weave when required, leading to another educational opportunity.

Richard McKerron

We received the order as expected and were very happy with both the service we received from yourselves and the quality of the products. Overall very happy with the product and the service.

Darren Hooley
Ladycross Infant School

Multiple rhythms can be performed at the same time with a class pack of this size. An added bonus is that there are enough drums for each of these rhythms to be performed by several players, reinforcing the pattern well.

Richard McKerron

The djembes are in three different sizes to ensure a balanced sound.

Andy Gleadhill

The drums and percussion baskets arrived in good condition and I am absolutely delighted with them.

Bruce Armstrong
Health & Happiness

All good thanks! Prompt service as always!

David Powell
Upbeat Music and Arts Service Ltd

The drums arrived safely and on time! They were very well received and the children had a great time with the workshops!

Sue Bishop
St Martin's Primary School

Drums for Schools has an impressive and unique product range that has obviously been
developed in association with schools and teachers to provide music educators with the
best in equipment and resources to deliver a diverse music curriculum.

Anita Silverston
Regional Music Service

Perfect for starting an after school club or for adding more Djembe to your class line-up.

Richard McKerron

Everything has arrived and is now being used on a regular basis. The Service and goods have been excellent and we have had no problems. Thank you for such good service.

Heatherley Primary School

Thank you to one of your employees who contacted me to point out that iId ordered some wrong sized hats and a correction was made which saved time.
Great, Its nice to have real people to talk to rather than machines!

Sioned Cofisbach
Cofis Bach

No problems at all. Very efficient delivery and good products.

The Island Free School

I had people of all shapes and sizes, young and old and more touchingly 2 severely disabled participants all taking part in my impromptu drum circles. One lady, unable to speak and confined to a wheel chair led a call and to see her laughter and hear her squeal with delight when we followed with the response beat everything I have ever done in my years of drumming.

Ian Haskell
Beating Heart Promotions

The children are delighted with them and are really enjoying playing them

Nicky Bolton

An excellent choice for a small group within a Secondary setting, or to augment your own percussive portfolio of instruments within the school.

Richard McKerron

Everything arrived in top condition and made an immediate impact on our students during our summer school and will be used beyond to support out music curriculum in the school.

Kieran Seymour

Thank you for the drums. They are in great condition. I especially like the rubber bottoms, that is so useful in a school environment.

Christopher Taylor

Your drums are absolutely fine

Roisin Cornwell
Laxton Junior

The drums are great – the pupils love using them in their music lessons and we have started a djembe club on a Wednesday lunchtime as well.The quality of the drums is better than I had expected and they are excellent value for money. Thank you very much for your service I will not hesitate to recommend you to other music staff I know who may be interested in purchasing African drums.

Ruth Fry
  • Overall Winner "All Other Resources" 2016 Primary Teacher Awards GOLD
  • 2016 Practical Pre-School Awards GOLD
  • Nursery World Awards Winner 2010
  • SEADOM Southeast Asia Directors of Music
  • Sound Sense The voice of community music
  • SAME Scottish Association for Music Education
  • Music Mark Influencing Supporting & Connecting
  • MMA Music Teaching Professionals
  • ISM Corporate Member
  • ISME International Society for Music Education
  • BESA British Educational Suppliers Association