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African Drumming

Best Value Teaching Sets, Instruments, Storage Solutions, Accessories and Teaching Support

Everything you need to set up and run highly effective Club, Group and Whole Class teaching and learning in African Drumming: Best Value Teaching Packs, Pack Add-ons, Storage Solutions, Teaching Resources, plus high quality individual Instruments and Accessories.

The Drums for Schools collaborative learning approach engages pupils of every ability and background and helps them develop a range of vital Life Skills as well as covering all the requirements of the UK and IB syllabuses.

The approach can be taught by ANY teacher, not just by music specialists, and the teaching guides take teacher and pupils from basics to first performance in just a term of lessons.

Drums for Schools are specialist suppliers of African Drumming teaching and learning resources to schools, community settings and musicians.

All the instruments and sets in our African Drumming range have been designed for serious, long term use, and have been tried and tested in schools in the UK and all around the world.

The sets provide the best value and best supported solution for schools, individuals and community settings and are fully guaranteed and supported by extensive online resources: lesson plans, cultural background, “how to play” videos and audio tracks.

Younger players can learn quickly when paired up with older players. The correct size Djembe for each will allow them to focus on technique.

Richard McKerron

These djembes will withstand daily classroom use, year after year after year.

Andy Gleadhill

With a large selection of hand percussion you could lead sessions with classes where only these instruments are used. This will make students really focus on rhythm and timbre more than dynamics.

Richard McKerron

My Percussion Buddies Book will show you how to add hand percussion to ANY ensemble – not just to African Drumming. Extensive online audio and video support is included.

Andy Gleadhill

EVERY pupil can be involved in hands-on music making throughout the whole lesson with these buddies packs. Two of my teaching guides and extensive online support are included,

Andy Gleadhill
  • Overall Winner "All Other Resources" 2016 Primary Teacher Awards GOLD
  • 2016 Practical Pre-School Awards GOLD
  • Nursery World Awards Winner 2010
  • SEADOM Southeast Asia Directors of Music
  • Sound Sense The voice of community music
  • SAME Scottish Association for Music Education
  • Music Mark Influencing Supporting & Connecting
  • MMA Music Teaching Professionals
  • ISM Corporate Member
  • ISME International Society for Music Education
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