Primary Class Instrument Sets

Drums for Schools’ award-winning Class Instrument Sets include everything a non-specialist teacher needs to lead their class or group from basics to performance level in just a term.

Our Best Value Class Instrument Sets and collaborative approach empower ANY class teacher or non-specialist to teach life skills through music. No music training is needed, not even the ability to read music.

And because the same Class Instrument Set can be used with any number of classes, it means that every child in the school can benefit from weekly ensemble playing – you don’t need visiting experts and you only need one set of instruments.

Whole class music-making can make a massive impact on children’s attitude and behaviour, because it develops their social and emotional skills. Playing regularly in a group fosters listening, empathy and team-working, and has been shown to boost mental health and wellbeing.

  • The styles and instruments are easy to learn, inclusive and fun.
  • The teaching support is designed for non-specialists and includes “how to” videos, warm-ups, cultural background and lesson plans.
  • The approach has been tried and tested in schools all over the world.

African Drumming

Brazilian Samba

Caribbean Steel Pans

Indonesian Gamelan

Japanese Taiko

World Percussion