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Nursery Rhythm Kit - 15 Instruments


We're very proud to say that the Nursery Rhythm Kit won a Silver Award at the 2013 Practical Preschool Awards - you can see what the judges said in the first section below. The Kit contains a great selection of 15 percussion instruments that don't take up much space and pack away neatly into the bamboo storage basket. Also included are a full set of 30 Music Cards with hints and ideas for 25 musical play sessions and a "What it's called and where it's from" card, that will give you a little background on each of the instruments in the kit. Up to 14 children can play together with an adult and it's brilliant for around 7 children at a time. For 3 years and over.


N.B. For Early Years settings please note:

A. Our products are musical instruments, not toys, and should always be used under the supervision of responsible educationalists and carers and not left with children under 3 years of age to play with by themselves.

B. Please follow the simple “Good Practice” guidelines set out in the "Traditionally" section below.


For SEN settings: please put a note with your order to indicate that it's needed for an SEN setting, so that we know to include the relevant materials.


All the children really enjoyed this, investigating the new instruments and looking at how they could be used before they were told how to use them. Good ideas in the instruction cards, great content and a good storage basket too.Judges, Practical Preschool Awards


How it's Played

If you are looking for some instruments for a medium-sized group of children who like to make a noise and enjoy using beaters, this is a good set of exciting and rhythmic instruments consisting of a variety of percussive and interesting sounds. There are two types of drums, a metal cowbell, scrapers, a pitched chime, woodblocks and clackers. There are several pairs of instruments which tend to encourage friends to choose the same instrument and work together. Nearly all the instruments have a beater which very young children love to use and when presented with instruments with and without beaters, will nearly always choose the ones with beaters. Using beaters, especially one in each hand, helps young children to develop quite precise co-ordination and a sense of anticipation. Because the instruments are very different to one another, your children will enjoy exploring and swapping the instruments with each other. A large, flat-drum called a Shaman drum is included not only for your children to play but also so you can guide, lead or even take charge of the group if wanted. The judges at the 2013 Practical Preschool Awards gave the Nursery Rhythm Kit 85.1 points out of a maximum possible of 100. Click on the image below to see their review in full.


Contents: 40cm Shaman Drum and Stick, 20cm Djembe and Drum Stick, 2 Animal Clackers, 2 Agogos, Cow Bell, 2 Small Horio Shakers, 2 Bar Chimes, 2 Tik Tok, Small Frog Scraper, Medium Frog Scraper, 30 Music Cards, "What It's Called + Where It's From" card, Bamboo Basket

What it Goes Well With

The idea twin to this kit is the Nursery Shaker Kit because that kit contains 15 more beautiful instruments which are all types of shakers and are all different to those in this kit. Between the two kits there is a wide range of instruments covering seven different types of shaker, scarping instruments, resonating instruments, woodblocks, two-tone sounds, clackers, drums and metal sounds. This kit provides great rhythmic sounds which can go with more traditional classroom instruments such as recorders, xylophones and metallophones. You can also use the kit to accompany yourselves singing your own favourite songs together - children are very good at and love to play an instrument and sing at the same time.

How it's Made

Good Practice Guide

Early Years Musical Instruments & Music Kits


Please always remember that Sound Children and Drums for Schools Early Years products are musical instruments and NOT toys and should be used with young children only under the close supervision of responsible educationalists and carers. By following these simple guidelines you will ensure the children’s learning, development and enjoyment of playing music, as well as their safety.


  1. Bring the instruments out just for music sessions, and put them away afterwards (the children will love to help!). This keeps the instruments “special” and it avoids any risk of them being damaged in the course of unsupervised play, without your realising it.


  1. Make sure your music sessions take place on a soft surface, whether inside or out. 


  1. By your own example encourage the children to treat the little instruments as we treat full size orchestral instruments - with sensitivity, gentleness and care. 


  1. Never allow children to play with any instrument unless closely supervised and don’t let any child suck or bite any part of any instrument.


  1. Don’t let a child of any age play any musical instrument aggressively, especially close the ear, as we must take care to avoid any risk to their hearing.


  1. After each music session, wipe down the instruments with a damp cloth if they’re grubby (fine to use a mild disinfectant solution) and check for any loose parts (tug on any strings) or cracks. If in any doubt, remove a damaged instrument from use and contact us for further advice (sending us a photo is a good start).


Click to download this Good Practice Guide

Any questions? Email care@drumsforschools.co.uk


How to Look After It

These instruments are very robust. If you encourage the children to put all the instruments, beaters and cards back into the basket after making music, it's less likely anything will get lost or damaged. If instruments are accidently left outside and get damp they won't be damaged if you dry them off properly. If the skin of the Shaman drum seems floppy and won't play properly, that's because it's got damp. Just warm it up in a sunny place - or on a radiator - and the heat will re-tighten the skin.

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