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An Introduction to CPD Training

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Although world music traditions can be taught successfully by most generalist or specialist music teachers simply by following the guidance in Andy Gleadhill's teaching guides, there's no doubt that a preparatory half day intensive CPD session is a brilliant way to hit the ground running. It will ensure you cover all the important ground, give you the opportunity to ask questions and test out your technique and you'll go home having given a massive boost to your confidence and ready to put it all into practice.


Andy Gleadhill delivers completely practical, hands-on training sessions either one-to-one or for groups of up to 20 teachers at a time. Sessions can also cover a range of other Music Education topics, for example:


  • Developing Instrumental teaching in your school
  • Concerts, performances and building School Ensembles
  • Using Music to improve overall school performance
  • Delivering a High Quality Music Education using limited resources
  • What can I do with the Percussion Trolley?
  • Exam Entrance and Preparation
  • Cultural Awareness in Music Education
  • The Versatile Music Teacher
  • Identifying Talent
  • Preparing Music Lesson Plans and Schemes of Work
  • Composing with World Music


CPD training is delivered at Regional Training Sessions and also via Inset Sessions.

Regional CPD sessions are delivered in the UK and at regional centres abroad such as Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Abu Dhabi.


For more information about upcoming Regional CPD Sessions click here.


Inset CPD sessions can be delivered at your school or organisation, whether in the UK or overseas. A typical CPD inset day could include 2 intensive instrumental sessions (for example a morning of African Drumming and an afternoon of Samba) or alternatively, 3 shorter introductory or general sessions in the morning followed by an intensive instrumental session in the afternoon.

Teacher training sessions can also be combined with class sessions for pupils and a combination of CPD training for staff and introductory sessions for pupils can be an excellent way to launch a new Class World Music programme (African Drumming, Samba, Gamelan etc) in a school or group of schools.


For more information about Inset CPD Sessions click here.


Why Drums for Schools CPD training is different


  • It’s designed for teachers working in a classroom setting and takes into account classroom facts of life, such as the need to engage every pupil (high, average and low achievers). Many other providers base their training on drumming workshop settings, which are very different.
  • It uses the same hands-on “learning by playing” approach that teachers will go on to apply in the classroom. This is an inclusive, accessible, student-centric approach.
  • It’s highly flexible and can be tailored to each organisation's requirements and address teachers' individual training needs.
  • The potential scope is very wide and sessions can cover teaching a variety of world music traditions as well as a range of other music education topics.
  • It’s essentially practical - the approach and learning can be applied right away in the classroom.
  • It’s particularly suitable for organisations that have Drums for Schools Class Packs of instruments as it dovetails with the Teaching Guides supplied with the packs and with the instruments.


Most importantly 

  • It includes access to an ongoing support programme so you’ll also be supported afterwards. This includes: Expert Mentoring, including direct email access for ongoing questions and advice; access to online audio and video examples, access to new articles and teaching notes via email.


And most important of all - the CPD sessions will be delivered by Andy Gleadhill, who has

  • 30 years of music education and performing experience
  • Pioneered the use of world music traditions in the classroom
  • Authored a range of acclaimed teaching guides 
  • Delivered workshops and CPD training for UK music hubs and UK and international teacher training institutes
  • Consistently achieved top ratings by delegates for the effectiveness of his CPD sessions.


To download "Introducing Andy Gleadhill's Music CPD Training" flyer, click here.

To enquire further or to book a CPD Inset day, please email us with details of


  • Your organisation
  • Your objectives for the CPD
  • Number of delegates
  • The session titles that most interest you
  • Preferred dates


We will then get back to you with further information and timing possibilities.

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